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1.1.6 Patch Notes


Finding neuts wouldn’t be that strong.

Also, can you fix the bug where frenzy doesn’t work on 2-for-1?


It is stronger than it needs to be. ANY amount of unneeded strength is bad


On physician complaints:

Simply put, people rarely like support. Unless you’re aggressive or can deduce well, you can’t “carry” as physician. At least not in the mind of an average player. Most players want to be the knight who kills the unseen, or the paladin who finds the cult, or the prince who executes the reaper. They want the glory, and physician doesn’t give them that out.

That being said, I don’t think it should even be considered that physician should be removed. Simply put: not everyone wants to play every class.

Players are going to find some class boring, but that doesn’t stop the utility of the class. This is why I was so against changing CW in the first place. Players found him boring, but now that he’s changed, they moved their target to physician. I don’t think the problem was solved, just shifted.


Physician being considered “boring” is its own issue. Their existence is currently invalidated by an unconvertible healer with access to death immunity and the ability to kill, which is exacerbated tenfold by the ‘neuts in’ attitude BD holds lately. Exhume fixes this to a degree as there is now some use for Phys outside of raw healing.

Court Wizard was genuinely boring and the myriad reworks needed to get the class to where it is now was 100% worth it. It’s actually quite similar to how the original CW operated (minus Ice Ward) but the abilities are far more responsive and your presence in the game feels far more impactful.


These are all AMAZING changes! I think taking away Inq and Scorned’s death immunity was a neat solution to the Kingmaker problem.

I don’t particularly like Swear Fealty since it worsens the problem of so many unconvertables (I do like the name though). I don’t like Allies either, since I feel King regardless of faction should have to deduce who their friends are. But both these abilities are lightyears better than Order Execution.

I’m very happy that Alch lost a use of stoneskin and that Phys got Exhume.

Only thing I’m disappointed about is Maid Spy wasn’t reverted to single-target.


Would it be better if the starting King’s guards prevented conversions as well as attacks, rather than having Swear Fealty be a new ability altogether?


I really don’t know. I don’t think it’s an extremely bad ability by the way and again, I’m very happy for it to have replaced Order Execute.


The new music is cringeworthy :frowning:

RIP the recently added but now removed music, I liked it a lot.




Any chance you can do broken-computer-boy a favor and link me the old and new music?

I don’t know if I ever even got to hear the old music, and I’m curious. Although it does suck when external factors force you to change stuff like this. :frowning:


It’s stuff from the Unity store, so there’s no full versions available on the internet.


The new or the old?




Ah I see.

Worth a shot lol, thanks :+1:


exhume replaces self-care presumably?


no, exhume is a Day Ability


Nothing was replaced


Eh, phys logs are going to be a bit stuffier, not that they had much to begin with.


Also, wolfing ASAP as hunter to get SF?