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1.1.6 Patch Notes


Fun is completely subjective for each person.
You can find people that are having fun with being blank Citizen or for being a role that can create some chaos. :confused:


Yeah no given the “situation” I think fake-able exhume is a good addition but also what the hell have we come to as a species


I don’t get it either. Physician is fun.


Yeah, I like having fun with complex roles in some games like ToL

and then in FoL I enjoyed playing cit classes because it allowed me to focus more on scumreading




But like

Physician isn’t a Citizen at all

You are the healer of the BD

In a game with lots of kills and bleeds


You can stop every kill yay


not to mention Inoculate

the only ability that makes important Sheriff/Pally/Prince bleed/poison immune



The point is by Itself it doesn’t seems fun to play for some people. :man_shrugging:


Thank god most people are choosing no


Then what is???


Just FYI. I’m not saying you don’t have point however that’s the case. :confused:


I mean I get that sometimes Physician does get monotonous but it’s out of necessity that you play it, the important task


Most people are sane.


34% aren’t.


I find phys to be a fun role to play and I do enjoy it. Idk why people complain about it (probs why I like playing tanks/supporting roles in most games I play)




I do overall like the patch alot in general tbh. King rework is really good, and I think enforcer needed an extra charge of frenzy as I felt they were arguably the weakest convert for unseen.


Part of what makes Physician bad to play for some people is the fact Alchemist is a class. BD having a healer is an absolute must.