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1.1.6 Patch Notes


BD is losing their one if the KP against evils which is GK with Order Execution so it is already “buff”.


Well i guess that not that bad, still I think you should try to make it 0%


Yeah, I’m doing my best to.


I doubt there will ever be a 0% chance unless we change the meta completely and add a second king/a queen to counter the king. But simply put, I think that would ruin the game more. While it is a die roll if evil has an advantage or not, they still have to play around that advantage, since they can’t know. I think having a second one would only make things even more complicated, and throne of lies is complicated as it is.

I really like the new king changes. I’ve been a long time hater on order execute, and these new abilities are amazing. I really look forward to how the games go from here.


Am I the only one who actually liked order execution? Now people will have no reason to claim to the king, especially with 35% chance of EK and the new maid spy.

This is a bit much. There are already a lot of conversion immune classes. Just change guards so it prevents all targeters.

Is there anything wrong with it determining the exact faction?


No. I liked it too. I was the one who suggested it in the first place

Yes. The king needs to be as weak as he can be (which isn’t that weak for the record) to reduce swing. The ability does what it needs to do without finding neuts so if it did find neuts it would add to the swing of the game.


Good change.

Praise be!

Also a great step in the right direction!


Probably good changes overall, but I do think that these new abilities should be limited to the starting King (if they are that’s unclear). I’m also still a fan of making there be some slight punishment to the BD if they lynch a starting Good King, such as classes with Royal Blood no longer being able to step up early, but I’ll be very interested to see where exactly these changes take us. Love them in theory, time to hope that they hold up in practice!

As for exhume, I’m not convinced that Physician really needs another ability, but I’m both out of touch with the game (PC has been broken for around a month) and don’t have access to any stats or whatever, so I’m sure this is for a good reason that I just don’t know. Either way, not at all displeased with exhume, and love the patch in general!


orange it was either add Exhume or lose Physician completely


Wait why wtf

How would losing a healer ever be an option in this game


Apparently people don’t like helping others


I may be wrong here though, probabky


So you’re telling me people were actually complaining about playing as Physician

What the fuck


Actually I think comparing old CW to current Physician would be more accurate than the fact some people “don’t like helping their teammates”.


What music was removed?


Like how do you even reach that point

You are literally the single biggest contributor to keeping Blue Dragon alive in a game where you not only have to worry about kills at night, but also people bleeding out during the day

How in the world does anybody complain about that


I’ve seen loads complain in the discord because “it’s not fun enough”


these people need mental help


Now now children, let’s keep this debate civilized.


At least Exhume is fake-able this time, which is good


I wish I were joking but I’m seriously concerned