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1.1.6 Patch Notes


It’s makes knights a lot more dangerous and useful which I like.


Knights now worth the conversion :ok_hand:


Still Knights out doh :wink:




Loving the King changes, looks a lot like FoL’s King now.


Also, is the Probe icon thing a meme?


Is swear fealty only for starting king right ?
And does exhume’s results out to court still ? Or to only you


Swear Fealty is only starting King.
Exhume only reveals to you.


The different between good king and evil king is still huge,
So they game is still NOT balanced.


Does swear fealty also prevent conversion on the player it’s used for that night or does it give priority to MM/CL conversions?


describe how? thwy have differenr abilities suited for their faction


Seems promisable and I like it personally.

This attempt to rework King might actually lead to finally solve the issues that King right now.

Buff for any Evil faction is always nice to see.

Buff fo Physician even if it wasn’t very needed, I can say why “Exhume” was bringed back. Eh, the eternal curse of any support classes nowadays.


My point is there is no drawback for having a evil king for unseen/cult, even if he play the wrost its make bd waste a day.

Should have 2 kings (1 evil) every game, or an unknown queen which counter the king.


Pretty sure that they balance for having a EK in game or a GK I may be wrong tho.


But evil doesnt need buff in evil king games, they need buff in good king game


Whatever the “balance”, its not enough since evil wins with evil king ALOT MORE then with good king, and the new kings (both good and evil) are still really strong, maybe even stronger then the OE kings


You have no evidence of this.

I have actual stats for their win rates, and yes it is higher when an EK is on their side, but it is not nearly as much as you’re making it out to be.


Ok can you show the stats?


Allies is also less powerful than Order Exe for Evil King.

If he wants to communicate with the Unseen/Cult he risks people noticing or a Noble actually seeing the whispers.


Last I checked they had like an 8% higher chance of winning.