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1.1.6 Patch Notes



  • Fixed GDPR timer.
  • Fixed “Allow Follow” to remember your choice.

Store Content:

  • Added a new emote.

Quality of Life:

  • Fixed the additional ability feedback when the Extra Info option is enabled. Some of them never showed up, while others always showed up.
  • Probe icon changed.
  • King’s name in chat is now golden.
  • Improved feedback for Heal, Debauchery, and Strings of Mithras when additional feedback is active.
  • Private notes are darker
  • Revamped how we handle reports. This took some time, but it will allow us to more quickly and better handle reports.


  • Had to get rid of some recently added music because of Youtube BS. Replaced it with some new music.
  • Reworded the definition of occupy immune and death immune.
  • Reworded occupy immune passives.
  • Starting King abilities got reworked.

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Reduced Stoneskin uses to 3.

Court Wizard:

  • Can now use Clear Mind at all points during the day.


  • Frenzy now has 2 uses.

Inquisitor & Scorned:

  • Lose death immunity when they achieve their objective.

Psycho King:

  • Fatal Guards icon changed.

Major Class/Ability Changes:


  • Now has separate class cards for each King.
  • Order Execution removed.
  • Only Good King now starts with 2 extra guards.
  • Good King has new night ability called Swear Fealty. It makes a player immune to conversion permanently. 1 use.
  • Evil King has new night ability called Allies. It informs you if a player is Cult/Unseen. 4 uses.

Physician & Herbalist:

  • Added new day ability called Exhume. At the end of the night it will inform you what killed a player. 3 uses.


  • Added new day ability called Exhume. At the end of the night it will inform you what killed a player. 1 use.

Is this a meme or a bug?

Frenzy two uses? Insanely Op and I like.




Allies is back, I love it! Can’t wait to play and roll Evil King.


There’s nothing wrong with EK having Allies




And thank you Boslof for showing mercy to the Physician, I mean it with much sincerity


I like this patch. Not too drastic but, nice little update to make life better.


I like this. :smiley:


Love the King changes


And Exhume is BACK

probably will make Phys games at least a bit more fun


“Quick, kill the doctor!”


Oh hey Unseen can have 0 safe converts again


But more so, I like the individual King changes


Celeste why are you liking all of my posts


This will never happen but this is possible:

2 sheriffs
2 cw’s
2 social BD
2 misc BD
1 prince
1 GKing
2 Merc

the sheriffs scout the CW’s
the CW’s empower the social BD’s and clear mind the misc BD
King guards one sheriff
the 2 mercs take turns guarding the other one
Prince is prince


but that would only be 1 turn and also Highly unlikely


4 turns actually


not that it’s ever going to happen in a real game. Just saying it’s theoretically possible


Two frenzy op lol now everyone will want to be enforcer