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1.1.5 Patch Notes


That’s the problem with a lot of things. Sometimes it’s just unavoidable.


The only way to truly avoid redundancy is to create entirely new mechanics, which have a host of problems of their own.

It’s a balancing act. Some classes warrant entirely new mechanics, others don’t.


Support abilities are pretty limited in what they can do without being super confirmable.


Can you explain it again? I didn’t understand what you said? :wink:


One thing that is good about the type empower is that it’s super easy to tweak. If one of it’s uses is too strong you can just change that effect and leave the rest unchanged.


Btw what was the bug?


Very excited about the Possessor buff and Debauchery change! Also interested in trying out the updated Court Wizard.


How does the feedback work if you occupy a phys/cw who was empowered?

You tried to occupy [X] last night, but they were immune or empowered by the court wizard.


Love the new CW changes now I can use abilities at night without the panic of accidentally spreading misinformation


Poss loses all their jumps when occed when they try to jump


Can we just include Changed Probe Icon for every new update. Even if it isn’t being changed?

Its pretty much the “Removed Herobrine” for this game. At this point in time


ToL stalking has never been so easy.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Can drunk deb someone to himself tho :thinking:


UMMMMM. Reading is fun


No u ok


First of all, love the CW changes @Dev-Ellie! Great to see my suggestions actually being implemented. I never felt so legit :wink:

The only difference I believe from my suggestion is that you decided to give no buff to Special (a 100% evil of course).

My suggestion was to make them appear as BD/NS. So that targeting them as CW was actually detrimental to BD. (Same way targeting Assassin is detrimental btw…) So that if MM/CL can convince a CW to target them is actually really helpful for him/her. Helps keeping his cover intact.

Also… uh… less racist?


Good King is a special class


And prince should be Special too tbh


He’s not getting any real benefit out of being a Killer class anyway.


Tbh not even hunter does since the wolf’s bleed can still be healed according to boslof. The only BD class that benefits from the killer buff is the Knight, and even then its extremely situational.