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1.1.5 Patch Notes


CW is the prince best friend :slight_smile:


First time I ever have said this but I’m now looking forward to play court wizard?

I always get it but now I’m probably going to struggle to get it because screw me


Actually you should be very confused. Prince bypasses healing


That’s a good thing. All abilities should have a downside

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Abilities shouldn’t be omniscient.

That’s the point of making it bypass everything though.

But that’s also what I dislike about it. Only power classes and NKs should have complex kits. CW should be an easy fake claim.

That’s a bit redundant though. Each ability on a class should be unique.

Yes, but it’s just a weaker heal. Physician is much better overall. There are already several abilities for protecting against attacks(defend, heal, shield, and king’s guard)


Do none of you realize the CW has a second ability called Tornado that is much easier to confirm than any type of Empower?


Or the fact that the Generic Empower is just as confirmable as the type based one?


And the type based on has a downside too. It just doesn’t heavily benefit the Unseen and Cult.


The main reason I’m against the type-based one is that it’s too complicated. Only power classes and NKs should have a complex kit. The generic empower one would also be easier to code and claim


Yes, but the generic one is also more useful. The type-based one is a bit niche
EDIT: More versatile.


Holy shit. I just broke down how it isn’t more useful.

I’m just gonna leave. I’m not gonna keep wasting my time repeating myself.


Sure, the type-based one can be more useful for the different types, but the generic one isn’t limited on how it can be useful. And some of the type-based affects are already done by other abilities(immunity and protection), so while it is useful it is a bit redundant. It may not be more useful, but it’s still simpler and more versatile.


Thanks for your patience! Do know the majority of the playerbase is happy with the game and the way the devs stay on top of things! :smiley:


I meant that it’s more versatile, not more useful. Some of the affects are a bit niche(death immunity is just a weaker heal. The conversion immunity is just a limited version of clear mind) I would be fine with it if some of the effects were changed so they’re not redundant. Death immunity could be changed so it bypasses redirection/occupation immunity instead. Not sure what to do for the social classes though.


Type-based is more versatile and useful.

I stated earlier that bypassing occupy immunity is extremely limited in usefulness.


If Jolee Bindo was a game developer, he would definitely be Boslof. xD


Who the fuck is Jolee Bindo?


Jump to 2:30 for some quality footage of Bos coding in the patch


A guy from the Knights of the Old Republic game


My hero


Alright, but some of the effects are still a bit redundant. I’m not sure what to change them to though