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1.1.5 Patch Notes


That’d make him a better investigative class than the Princess, so obviously not.


oh whoops, but it is still somewhat of a preference?


Not really.

I just care about which one is most balance and that most people enjoy.


My thoughts on Generic Empower:

  • It doesn’t really help the Social classes. It really only prevents the Noble from being occupied.

  • It helps Killers a lot more than the type-based one does. The preventing heal on the type-based is supposed to be a minor downside to it, but the generic one basically acts like Frenzy. This would make using it early extremely risky.

  • It also helps the Mastermind and Cult Leader. This means they could bypass another CW’s Clear Mind, or a Merc protecting a Sheriff.

  • It has limited support use with Offensive classes. It can bypass visit prevention, but the Merc and Sellsword are usually guarding important BD classes.
    It can bypass occupy immunity, but there are only a few classes in the game that it would even be good on. (Mastermind, Possessor, Sorcerer, and Sellsword)
    Which is same reason we changed what the type-based one did for Offensive.

  • Both empowers essentially do the same thing for Support. Would the generic one be able to bypass things that make someone unhealable?

  • Generic empower is better for Investigative classes than the type-based one, which is fine.

The type-based empower is conditional so that it can provide more utility to classes.

  • Social gets to be unconvertable, which means the CW doesn’t have to use Clear Mind uses on them.

  • Offensive classes get to be death immune, which is useful on anyone. A Drunk could coordinate with a outted CW in order to use Debauchery like the old one.

  • Supports still get the same use out of both.

  • Investigatives get a little less of a buff out of the type-based, but it is still a helpful ability.

  • Killers get less of a buff, because Killers getting buffed is less useful to the BD.

  • Specials get nothing, because buffing the Killers is already enough of a downside to random Empowers.


TBH I mostly skeptical of it’s usefulness on offensive and invest.

While there are more frames than when it was first proposed it still isn’t all that likely to do something. That and I feel like the CW could have more utility as a way to get around visit prevention for both Offensive classes and Invest classes as well as a way for investigatives to get around occupy’s and redirects from scum. That was in my mind the big thing the CW update could bring. That’s in addition to the higher risk which balances it’s stronger effects a bit.

Really we just have to wait and see how it plays out for now but I predict that CW could end up being a bit too weak as is and the generic empower is a great way to give him a bigger impact (which is really my biggest reason for wanting it)


I just went through and said why generic empower would only be more powerful on Investigative.

There are other classes in the game than just Investigatives.

I also said why I don’t think bypassing immunity and visit prevention is all that strong on Offensive classes.


I guess. At the very least this version is easy to make minor tweaks to


Even though for the CW itself the change is good, i feel that for scum they could no longer fake claim cw because of it’s usefulness


Mm says they Empowered butler, oh he died that night you are a fake. Die!


On a side note, do you guys still plan on adding another neutral to the game or does the Sellsword mean we won’t see another neut soon?


I would argue you can actually fakeclaim CW semi-decently as MM, since there’s no point in you ever Empowering Prince or Hunter, which are classes you don’t want to visit anyway, and you won’t be visiting the classes your assassin is killing anyway.

So yeah don’t tell your assassin to kill the outed Butler/Drunk and you’ll be fine.

If it turns out the outed Butler/Drunk die, you can just put “Prevented!” in your will and blame Sellsword.


Also I find that now it would be easier to figure out the difference between a CW and a ritualistic/sage




Ok let’s try on this hypothetical.

MM claims cw. 3 unseen alive. There is a sheriff outed. Prince is outed. Prince says “yo cw empower the sheriff tonight or die tomorrow.” CW replies “sure fine with me”. Sheriff checks phys, scorned framed phys. Sheriff recieves member of the Unseen. Phys is exed. Mm is exed by prince that night


Or you know, they could ask him to Tornado two people, just like before.


Just wanted to say its good to see you guys keep working so hard on this game while other devs would either keep the game mostly the same as launch or charge us for new content. Its also nice to see that you do listen to your community unlike other devs. Keep up the good work!


And at no point do they blame the Sheriff? Who could be converted or have faked it as Scorned? Why are you more sus than the Sheriff, who by your description never found any of your Unseen?

Again, you can still claim Prevented. Prevented now covers someone occupying you as well as visit prevention. You have a lot of leeway when it comes to saying why you couldn’t do a thing you were asked to do, especially if the Prince was foolish enough to ask you publicly.

If you’re an evil with an ability to occupy, occupying a BD that must perform an action to prove themselves is a very easy way to get a mislynch or get the Prince to lose executes.


I mean I was fool

I claimed knight in jail

I said I defended 2

And he asked what notification I got.

and I said prevented because why would he ask that if not :slight_smile:


I preferred suggestion 3 too!
Just thought to pop that in here.
I like the changes for this patch though


Okay, so it seems that on the whole occupation immunity is a thing, but redirection immunity is not? I’m not sure how occ/redirection immunity interacts with chains of corax.

When the prince exes someone and finds them still alive in court the next morning
Well, I know who the CW empowered last night