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1.1.5 Patch Notes


Yay wait i see part of my idea was used for conversion immunity


you did the generic empower rework?


Wait, I’m confused about Empower. Is that buff permanent or just for the night? It sounds permanent from the writing but that surely can’t be…


One night


Not to sound like a jerk, but looking at the classes people suggest in the Class/Lore section of the forums really makes me skeptical of democratic suggestions like that.


But it was also the choice of the devs in the contest, so it was both the democratic and autocratic result.


Then say it to devs not me. I’m not responsible about how it was choosen. :thinking:


Bos stated that he would’ve preferred rework 3 but I guess the vote includes people who don’t post in the classes/lore section


Anyway, I can’t wait to try out the new CW rework, sounds like a rather fun class to play now. :slight_smile:


patch when?


I’d also prefer rework 3. IMO complex ability sets like the first suggest should only go to either town power roles or the Neutral Killer. Having such a conditional kit like this completely defeats the purpose of the CW being a simple to use class and a go-to fakeclaim.


I just said I"d prefer it from a work standpoint.


People don’t want a simple to use class, and go-to fakeclaims are the most suspicious fakeclaims you can choose.


Im glad cw is going to be fun


Whatever. Even if it could be better still I’m sure it will at least be better than old CW.


Worst case scenario we tweak him some more


does the cw knows what buff they gave their target?




Why not? There’s nothing wrong with that. Classes should be simple.

But there should be more easily claimable classes.


In your opinion, which according to the vote is not the popular one.