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1.1.5 Patch Notes


On a second thought, this doesn’t seem to be so bad.

Tricking a CW to target you while you convert the Prince would be a pretty damn good and rewarding play and also extremely hilarious to boot.


It’s extremely bad tho

A converted prince who can exe 3 times?


I’d think more about giving the Unseen/Cult a special class who can still jail to prove themselves, have a night ability on the side to provide extra utility, while also removing the executions in order to keep the KPN consistent.

Plus, as a MM/CL you’ll to have to play extremely well to convince a CW to empower you in specific. It’s a crazy idea, but it could lead to some very interesting plays.


The point about Prince is that BD has 1 leader who they can unconditionally rally around


It’s just a crazy idea I had. Not an actual suggestion.


I guess, but I would prefer to see how this CW works in ToL and then we can properly praise or critique it instead of changing MM/CL class types


Just to clarify, empower only lasts for 1 night correct?


Make MM bypass healing lol


MM has nothing to do with healing


Best buff ever tbh


I’m sorry OE the mm and a physician heals it


Special: Cannot be healed, disguised, or protected in any way


To up plz buff


Special: Cannot be trollboxed.


Too op plz nerf


Special: Kill them all




Special: Convert yourself into Unseen/Cult bypassing max cap.



This is a bit complex. Just change it to the generic empower one. It is easier to understand, easy to fakeclaim, and more versatile. Also, the killer and offensive ones seem a bit weak. The only “evil” class that can heal is alchemist, and death immunity just seems like a weaker heal.

The old drunk was overpowered. It prevented and outed killers. This will also make princess’s wisp more useful

This one is still complex though. CW should be easy to fakeclaim.


People already have choosen in summary. They wanted 1st option and they got it. At least give it a chance. :neutral_face: