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1.1.5 Patch Notes


I would’ve preferred Generic Empower winning. It would have been a lot less work.


The bleeding can still be healed.


It’s probably to support Knights as the main thing, and to remind players that they shouldn’t be empowering anybody, as empowering the wrong player can lead to consequences


If possible, after we play through this patch, can we see if generic empower is preferable to the bigger playerbase?


I relate with this so hard

Both because generic empower was my thing and because I too desire less work :stuck_out_tongue:


We did the barrier rework orange


There were almost 400 responses to the survey.
This is what people wanted.


even with knights, it will be rare that a knight’s cs target will be healed, and even if they are it will be even more rare than said person is scum. At least by bypassing death immunity you can kill the mastermind/neutral killer or an assassin guarded by Evil king, which is also very situational but better than just heals IMO.


Okay, it wouldn’t hurt to try


Give it a few months at least lol


True true


also, is there a reason why you decided to remove the other day abilities of said rework? like mimic or syphoon? (if Im remembering the names right). Im thinking probably to reduce complexity, but I liked them because they added more strategic depth to the class.


I know but also generic empower

Speaking of, why not use a Scout-like Magic Barrier?


Could we see if the community might prefer a swapping of the Killer and Offensive Empower effects?

Making a Killer class Death Immune and an Offensive Class able to bypass Occupation Immunity sounds a lot more useful (and more likely to backfire terribly) than what we have right now, for the reasons outlined above.

Though I suppose making a Prince infinitely death immune can be a little overpowered (though it’s very similar to having a pocket Alch/Phys… so maybe not that overpowered?). Maybe reduce the Empower uses to 4 or 5? 4 Tornadoes + 4/5 Empowers should be enough things for a CW to do for the vast majority of games.


Because people were complaining they were too complicated.


This sounds like a great idea


We literally already swapped them.


Makes it more confirmable but meh


Wait why


Infinite death immune prince