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1.1.5 Patch Notes


I had forgotten he coudln’t make people target themselves.


I want a new neutral class


How hard was it to rework the cw?


Can we get the survey results?


I mean don’t get me wrong, Drunk is still useful, but it feels like a more expendable class now, and perhaps that makes him and Noble the best RB candidates for King so far.


Noble is great.

It wins games


Wait, can an empowered knight kill a reaper through souls?


Since Reaper’s souls count as healing instead of night immunity, probably yes.


No not reaper :frowning:

Save the reapers!


So is this a class by class specific buff? It feels kind of clunky to be honest, seeing as all abilities work the same for all classes but let’s see where this goes. But I would prefer if the Support class buff was the one that affected all classes.


save the reapers :frowning:


Although there’s no grounds for feedback until actually tested


The Type-Based Empower had over 50% of the votes for first place.
The Generic Empower was second highest.


Or until we see survey results :wink:


I think we just got them


Yeah I was tempted to say Drunk is now the best class to step up to King, but I know people who still complain Noble isn’t useful enough, so I gave some room for opinions.

Honestly, new Drunk, new CW, Knight and Butler have a lot of potential for hilariously screwing up BD in a comedy-of-errors style.

I don’t mind it, I think it will be fun? Might actually force BD to rely more on neutrals to save their bacon.


In which category? I know there were seveal and I’m wondering if we can see them all

please :relaxed:


Yeah lol but you know me I like all the infos


It won in every single category.


Hot damn :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, if hunter wolfs someone when a CW empowers them can the wolf be healed? And can attackers be healed if they are killed by a bear?

Tbh the killer empower seems to be almost useless, since there are no evil classes that can heal (except an alch helping scum) and it doesnt affect prince and most likely not hunter either. It would be most meaningful if it ignored death immunity instead (or in addition to).