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1.1.5 Patch Notes


I think the Bear bypasses Night Immunity but not healing (similar to the King’s OE), so it might actually come into play if the CW empowers the Hunter that bears and kills an attacker that was being healed.

It’s extremely rare, but it could happen, I believe.


Less racist.


I quite like the new drunk. It is now easier to claim as unseen or cult, just have the assassin say they visited whoever vice versa. It can also be used with a noble to confirm most classes.


Funny thing my suggestion for a day ability to make someone convert immune was used


Wait so we can make our deb target target themselves?


Oh shit


The Killer buff seems like it will be more of a disadvantage than anything, since it will allow the Assassin/NK to bypass healing if the CW Empowers the wrong target. Although… perhaps this could allow the CW to figure out these killers if a Phys/Alch says they attempted to heal someone who ends up dying.


It sounds like this is intentional


Unlike you Haaaa


If its intentional then why isn’t there a special buff?


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So because, lots of risk == existence of risk == some risk

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What genius do we have here


What I mean is that the risk is lower on cult games since cult doesnt have killer classes


Don’t be silly

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Empower should work on the ability used.
If a killing ability such as eradicate it used. it should bypass healing
I actually have nothing wrong with this idea


The CW doesn’t know that (at first) and there is always the NK