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1.1.5 Patch Notes



  • Changed the “Squire” avatar to something more appropriate.
  • Avatars & Titles are now selectable in Customize (Mostly for backers, so far).
  • Fixed some back-end bugs to fix reconnection/end screen bugs.
  • You may now “Follow” someone on your friends list instead of invite, if they’re matchmaking and you’re not. This means you will join THEIR game without needing permission. Now that you can remove friends (since last patch), if you don’t want your friends to do this, you should probably unfriend them.
  • Fixed strange friends invite events. If they are in-game, you shouldn’t be able to invite/follow them, for example.
  • Private game “masters” may now ban players from their room. They won’t be able to rejoin it.

Quality of Life:

  • Changed Probe Icon
  • Court Wizard, Sage, Prince, and the Unseen King have received updated portraits.


  • Court Wizard rework is here.

Minor Class/Ability Changes

Drunk & Alcoholic:

  • Debauchery is now a two target ability. You force the first player to target the second. You won’t be immune to attack or conversion if you force them to target yourself.


  • Possess now has 3 uses.
  • Fixed some bugs with occupy and Possess.


  • Teleport now bypasses redirection immunity.


  • Tornado now bypasses redirection immunity.

Major Class/Ability Changes:

Court Wizard:

  • Magical Barrier has been removed.
  • Tornado now bypasses redirection immunity.
  • New Day Ability Clear Mind - Make a player conversion immune tonight. (4 uses)
  • New Night Ability Empower - Grant a player a buff depending on their class type.
    Investigative: Will always get accurate results (immune to Warp, Frame, etc.)
    Killer: Their attacks cannot be healed
    Offensive: Becomes death immune
    Social: Becomes conversion immune
    Support: Target will be guaranteed to visit their target (Bypasses occupation, redirection, visit prevention, etc.)
    Special: None

Is this a meme or a bug?

Can court wizard target themself with conversion immunity
Obviously I would never target myself cause I love sage

And is the person the attack is redirected to immune to it?


Is it me or does this make Drunk a lot less useful to BD now?

On the upside, Court Wizard now feels interesting to play, so good job there.


I like drunk and alcoholic changes, makes alcoholic a more powerful convert and also solves the debauch reaper N1 problem. It’s also an indirect buff to princess since her wisp is more important now without old debauch.


He can now kill the Assassin without having to out himself.


Can you redirect someone to themselves?


Oh ya I didn’t even think about that. Self targeting


Actually maybe not. I might have set that up wrong. I’ll have to check.


Is he supposed to be able to?


Maybe. I guess it could just lead to the Drunk only making people target themselves only.


Which is bad.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE POSS BUFFS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

On a serious note, are there any plans on giving him a survival mechanism to last during the periods of the late game, ala the Reaper’s reap and chill preventing him from being upped? As of now his main issue is basically that once it gets to a few people it becomes extremely easy to execute him.


One of these days we will find a probe that we are all happy with


Oh, so he can redirect someone to themselves? That’s a first, I don’t think any other 2-target ability allows for the same target to be selected twice, from what I recall.

If he redirects a Physician to themselves, does that consume a charge of self-heal? Or do the Physicians get self-healed for free?


What’s wrong with it?


Idk. But it keeps being changed


No, he can’t. People would only do that if it was the case.


He’s still better than you would expect


So his way to kill the assassin without outing himself is by redirecting a killing class to the assassin?


This should become a meme patch note, like Starcraft’s bunker build time.