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1.1.4 Patch Notes


Yeah. For like the 5th time.


Wow. There is a reason to get back for more roleplaying. Neat.


Attacks might, but I see no issue with conversions and reverting this change. Players shouldn’t be converting obvious targets anyways. The proposed change isn’t needed since not a lot of classes imminently out their target as evil. The cult is meant to be short-lived, and the unseen don’t have a lot of those abilities. ’

I’m fine with clearing others, but it’s an issue when the main purpose of an ability is to clear. Gossip can’t find conversions, attacks, and now it can’t even find supporting evil abilities. It’s mainly useful for clearing players now. Look at observer. It can clear players, but it can also do so much more.


One thing to remember is that gossip is on a social class. More so than even observer if a Noble can prove that you are scum then you are dead. This is because you cannot deny that the Noble has Gossip due to his Force vote. This is a bit like with king.


Also why Snoop was broken af on Noble


Also why Drunk is really really good.


When can we expect the excess gold to be given?


Still iffy on merc not being unique, but overall good changes.


I’d say this is for the best. If Mercenary was unique then it’d be a more difficult and less reliable fake-claim. Sellsword doesn’t have this issue as since they’re classified as scum due to requiring BD to lose, nobody in their right mind would fake-claim it, so the unique portion doesn’t matter as much.


Changed Probe Icon

Do someone here have an image of the new one? For the wiki.


I dont but its a iron ball


A very unique patch.


can someone take that note and change it from “Your privacy is important to us” to “We’ve update dour privacy policy”




That’s my job Litten.


I like pretty much all these changes but when are Debauch and Happy Hour getting updated icons?


We’ve rewritten our terms of service and privacy policy.
We’ve rewritten our terms of service and privacy policy.
We’ve rewritten our terms of service and privacy policy.


I just came back from vacation at a little-known resort on a secluded desert island without internet or any other access to the outside world.

We were chilling on the beach when the tide carried in one of those old-fashioned, glass coke bottles. It was empty except for a sun-bleached napkin inside. A message from someone lost at sea!? We popped open the cap, pulled out the napkin and scribbled on it in permanent marker were the words:

“We’ve rewritten our terms of service and privacy policy.”


Also, here’s another reason to revert the shield change:

  • There’s no risk to using it now. Look at other similar abilities:

  • Heal: Can be prevented and several attacks can bypass it

  • Defend: Can be prevented and only affects visitors

  • Guard: Many attacks can bypass it

However, look at shield:

  • Prevents all attacks, no counterplay(aside from prevention the night they use it and killing the merc first), and there’s no risk to it.

So? It’s still mainly useful for clearing players.

And that’s another problem with noble, it’s way too confirmable. It’s also why I was against the maid spy rework, it made an already easily confirmable class even more confirmable.


Peoples opinions went into the rework people liked it since it stopped the force whisper meta plus the old one no one liked