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1.1.4 Patch Notes



  • Remove friend feature added.
  • Added GDPR stuff at the “Account” section in lobby. Anyone (worldwide) can request data/erase themselves

Store Content:

  • The amount of gold you can purchase in each tier has been doubled, but prices are the same.
    If you previously bought gold, you will be given the extra gold you would’ve gotten in the new system.

Quality of Life:

  • Changed Probe Icon


  • When a Cult member is sacrificed, all Cult members will get a use of their first night ability back.
  • Reworded abilities that prevent visitors to say they prevent abilities instead.
  • Added the ability for the Assassin and Cult Leader to commit suicide. This should only be used when necessary. Using it for no reason will result in punishment.
  • Improvements to the ability prioritization.

Minor Class/Ability Changes


  • Guards uses reduced by one for all Kings.


  • Will no longer die when protecting someone with Shield, but will instead lose the ability.
  • The protected player will no longer receive a notification when they are saved.
  • Shield no longer has any interaction with the Knight’s Defend.


  • Now Unique.


  • Will no longer see evil support abilities that reveal the person is evil, such as the Ritualist’s Brotherhood.


  • Now Unique.
  • Stonewall will no longer block conversions.

Is this a meme or a bug?

Now those are some good changes:

this is greeeeaaaaat


Ayy Remove Friend!

Ayy Unique Mystic!


So you mean we can’t claim mystic as mastermind



I feel this should be added to MM as well, it sucks when they find you early game and prince just jails you until n4 so you dont get a new MM.


what form of ability is this? (day, night, some special button?).

It is a really good idea. Eliminates the possibility of a perma-jail completely crippling a side. (assuming of course it can be used if jailed etc…)



Apparently it happens at the end of the night and can’t be used before d4.


commit sudoku


Nooo mystic :frowning:


Nice but rip mystic that sucks


Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I actually do think it is. Last Unseen/Cult standing, people know it’s you, just drags the game on longer. Non-penalizing way to end it earlier and get to a game where you hopefully will have better luck.


Apostle can’t claim mystic now :frowning:


I’m not being sarcastic, I really like the change for other reasons.
It forces BD to play more offensively since they can’t just shut down killers, putting the evils at a massive disadvantage. Now they have to constantly be killing Unseen or Cult in order to win, which is a positive change.


This is good, but the main issue with the cult is that a lot of the individual abilities are weak.

This wasn’t needed. Shield can protect from any attack, so it makes sense that they would die.

This wasn’t needed. Gossip is now even less useful. Now it’s only useful for confirming players, and finding some neuts. Revert this, and make it so gossip can detect conversions and attacks, but make it so it affects only visitors.


Wouldn’t that make it to Op tho


lol why is a class getting a bunch of clears on BD a bad thing
it’s all subjective anyway, and Poss facelifts sure as hell are a thing


Apostle never could claim mystic


He could


yeahh that’s what I was waiting for