1.1.1 Patch Notes


  • Stand Guard will now also prevent a player from dying.
    This will prevent the contract from dying to Smite or the Hunter’s Bear. If the contract attacks someone guarded by a Knight, the Mercenary will die in the contract’s place.
    A frenzied Assassin will still kill the contract.
  • Can no longer start contracted to the Inquisitor, Knight, or Prince.

Quality of Life:

  • Possible improvements to connections in-game
  • Added fill tool to deathnote
  • Added a streamer mode that can be enabled in the lobby. It creates a separate chat for system messages and night chat, and it creates a separate display for allies. Your room at night will be replaced with a shot of the throne at night.


  • Added Spectator mode for custom games.
  • Mercenary reworked.

Minor Class/Ability Changes:


  • Hide now grants death immunity instead of preventing visitors.


  • Will no longer attack players when using Cold Steel if they are redirected.


  • Link Minds & Conduit will no longer work on Illusionist or Apostle.


  • Smite can’t be used until Night 4.

Major Class/Ability Changes:


  • Can no longer get a second contract.
  • Can no longer be converted.
  • Passive Contracted - Occupy and redirection immune.
  • Day Ability Connections - Force the court to pardon your contract. 1 use.
  • Night Ability Stand Guard - Works just like before, but no longer notifies target. 4 uses.
  • Night Ability Rebound - Prevent and kill everyone visiting your contract.


Ohhh man.


Both of these changes are really good.

Good changes for Fool overall.

I can see the appeal tbh. Makes sense to do that, but I’m not certain if I like this change or not.

In fairness you’re still fucked either way if you’re still claiming Mystic as either of them.

Understandable, making BD unable to kill until N4 in all circumstances.

Well there goes all the betraying first contract nonsense. And a convertable merc is confusing. Plus, you very rarely got anything out of it anyway. Overall I’m okay with this.

This helps to break confusion. Ovverall a good change here.

I would go rant about in-a-pinch confirmability, but on the other hand this is basically a last-ditch-effort thing for Merc, that’d probably only ever get used on evil contracts anyway.

This also seems interesting. You’d have to be certain it’s a good time to use this, but it’s far less situational than old rebound.

Great QoL changes, an interesting selection of in-game changes. Overall, this patch looks like it’ll be good!

Noble and CW rework hype btw


Sad sellsword is gone


Also rip if your target dies N1

Sellsword was a bad convert anyway. You’d be better off with a Merc on Unseen in every case.


So if your target dies N1. You lose

Honestly not a fan of the whole Merc-force-pardon thing as-is, but if it was made to only activate if your target was actually voted Guilty that’d be much better all around in my opinion. Just imagine the last-ditch strats that would open up. Definitely something to consider.

Also apparently rip converting Neutrals. That’s probably for the best. :+1:


This is okay but you should be able to get a new contract if your target leaves the game or dies night 1.


Then merc shouldn’t have knight for it’s a sucide class if it does it job correct or wrong.

Butler can sucide by poisioining the good king and isn’t the merc fault.

Cult leader could sacrifice the target.

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If your target leaves then sure that could be a problem. As for dying N1… If only you had an ability that could PREVENT your target from being attacked N1. OH WAIT


Well i got imprisoned wtf do i do?

As for suicide I would propose that if someone makes your target commit suicide then your contract is changed to the one that did that.

So if a Knight CS’s a BD then you get that BD as your contract. And a CL sacrificing your contract gives you the CL as a contract. And a Possessor Jumping causes your contract to go to the new Possessor body (regardless of how you interpret that sentence)


Survive because it is N1

Or just join a new game.

And get Assassin again nah m8.

Don’t hate. Assassin is fun if you play agressivly.

Not really.