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1.1.0 Patch Notes


The fact you have to vote pardon on your target. Is very annoying.


It prevents Mercenaries from throwing. It’s important.


I remember now. What happens if a noble forces you to vote your target?


That awkward moment when you vote pardon and everyone else voted execute.


Discord -> General TOL -> During 18th Feb 2018
Read up


You know I have discord and that jazz. But I only made a account for this so I could get a badge. I took 5 mins trying to look for a search bar. Found it went to feb 18. AND THERES SO MUCH STUFFFFFF HELPPPPP


All the changes–ALL OF THEM
Are nerf to bd

I hate the king change, he is now like the old king (30%,33% same thing) no longer trust worthy.

Incoming 1 of the following:

  1. wishper to prince meta
  2. bd getting rekt meta


Filter to General TOL only. There will be a couple thousand posts regarding the changes to Mercenary


Inb4 Claim conduit mystic meta



I don’t think we need to worry about another whisper meta quite yet - Prince is far less safe than the King. Nothing about this patch makes it safer for Prince to out himself early.

Increasing the chances for an non-BD starting King is a good attempt at getting rid of the whisper meta.

Not sure if this is already the case, but we shouldn’t get to vote up a new king until after the no-vote day as well - it gives Evils another chance to convert a Royal if they failed n1, and insta-lynching King d2 should be a huge risk for BD.


There’s a good reason for removing dead interaction. It was already unreliable since people can leave while dead and most will. Now that players get gp while leaving while dead, this gives even less reason to stay.

It was one of those things that’s fun at first, but you realize it sorta sucks. Esp after these changes it wouldn’t work out.


The passive helped find the poss when the psychic spawns :confused: just bringing this up


That’s a good thing. We shouldn’t have a definitive way to tell if a possessor jumps. The cat/mouse mechanic is the Inquis/Sorcs thing. The possessor doesn’t need a hard counter.


Dead should stay dead

  1. Most of the time you got killed because you had a good class Or you were SMART they didn’t want to have to worry about you end game


The second part is unlikely let’s face it we all are idiots here


There are many ways to avoid that. Call of the Dead and reanimate, despite their flaws, still got rid of the class.

I do see why it was removed, but it’s sad nonetheless.

I consider the Possessor buff the only good part of it, but it’s nice to still be able to interact in the game, even in small ways.


To be fair when has the dead actually said anything useful


When will this patch go out?


When it’s ready