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1.1.0 Patch Notes


The game is quite a mess right now. With butlers just poisoning randomly and dooming BD. And quite honestly this new italic font of the logs is making me sick. The interface was very good. With that brown colour instead of this high contract stuff that hurts the eyes. I could get used to the latter but the new italic font is unforgivable.


You know what my graphic design teacher would say? Better than papyrus





In ToL everything is a PR


Agreed but also that’s no excuse to be way off the mark

not to imply that ToL is, but just don’t argue that point too much lol


I need your opinion so I can win a argument

Is neutral king being gone a blessing??

Or is neutral king being gone bad


Definitely positive, although King is still really swingy.

The issue with NKing was that it’s basically Good King until it decides to not care and just help evils “just because”.


Thanks :heart:


UGH this game starting to suck more and more…


Dude this update was 5 months ago


ignore him
it’s a troll who is now banned


Was August 3018 a mistake or was the intention




That is called a permanent ban my dude
Unless he cryogenically entombs himself for 1000 years


He’s coming back in 3018 watch out


You are the only one who should watch out.


Firekitten is immortal confirmed?


He is a necro-poster. Makes sense he’s a necromancer too


Hes the Overlord man, come on, i thought you would know.


No he just has 9 lives.