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1.1.0 Patch Notes


And make sure that is who you are possessing to trick observers of course.


New Night Ability Conduit - Allow two players to talk to each other for the rest of the night. You will be able to hear, but not speak to them. 2 uses. (Credit to NuclearBurrito for the ability idea)

To be honest I thought Conduit was a dumb idea, just a weird version of Link Minds, but after actually using it I think it’s hella fun


Yup lol, It was really fun when me and some other dude psychic had linked posted our logs at the same time, think we were talking to psychic xd


We should make Conduit unlimited uses while either removing Link Minds or making it 2 use.

Preferably removing Link Minds. It’s just a discount Imprison.


Nah, I don’t really like that idea, psychic’s main ability should be link minds imo, I can see conduit getting extra uses though


Link Minds is boring though. And it sucks that’s it’s a weak Prince.

While there is another Mystic/Psychic rework I’d prefer, Conduit is at least something.


A weaker, more flexible non unique prince is a fine class to have IMO.


Giving conduit unlimited uses is a bad idea though you will most likely get 2 claims every night


Psychic used to have an unlimited use conduit where the Psychic could talk too. It was OP.


Hunter is almost strictly stronger than knight, but that’s okay because he is unique.


Plus both prince is not strictly better than Psychic even if he is better in most situations and same with hunter and knight.


I don’t think uniqueness is an excuse to be more powerful. Uniqueness is balance, as if Psychic wasn’t unique they could confirm each other.

Everything should be basically the same power level.


I disagree. The prince shouldn’t be the same power level as CW. Every role has its place, not every role needs to be a PR.


Things should be stronger and weaker than others it would be insanely boring if everything did the same thing but just renamed and stuff


Remove CW


Also: Perfect Balance is impossible to obtain, so its not something you should strive for


Guys link minds need to stay
Simply for the fact I kept linking people and saying



CW is a particularly sucky class.

And while we can’t make every class exactly the same power level, no other class is 3 times as powerful as any other BD.

It makes it swingy, even ignoring the other problems with Prince in particular.


Prince isn’t even 3x as powerful. Its closer to 2x but its also risky. You can’t misplay or you lose all abilities. Mystic has no risk involved. IMO mystic is fine in its current form. Link Minds is a good bread+butter ability with Conduit serving as a pseudo two for one.


And I just use it early game to link people with king