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1.1.0 Patch Notes


Because of that I was hugely in favor of the scorned dies after winning, with the only thing I didn’t like, was that it eliminates scorned as a last ditch scumclaim… but trollboxing post victory already negates that value.

MM can have Assassin fake trollbox himself to back up the MM’s claim.

It’s the most disheartening way to lose, because it’s totally random and completely outside of anything you can control.

So make Scorned suicide again. The fun is gone, are any Scorneds going to stay after winning now?


Rebount bypass death immune, I once guarded myself and still got killed.

Royal descree to merc doesnt make sense because if prince and starting king are dead (or no good king) there is no way for bd to kill the MM.


The mercenary could still be occupied.


While in theory I like the idea of a royal decree like skill for Merc, it makes the Merc more confirmable than he already is. While you could say “But merc guard confirms him” that information is only between a merc and his target. The royal decree would be public.


Add royal decree to more classes then.


Or don’t add it at all. That is a good idea.

Anything that prevents voting somone is a bad idea except decide fate. Reason being is that is BD main weapon


Healing prevents killing, and killing is evils’ main weapon.


The informed minority doesn’t have to worry about killing their own teammates and have a better guess on who might be protected during the night.


Tell me a game where BD won without lynching. Tell me a game where evils won without killing. The second one is more likely


I’m not a big fan of the butler changes. Unfortunately there are many people in the community that cannot cope with power. I’ve seen too many times knights dying N3 because they couldn’t wait to use CS. Yesterday I was killed D2 because a butler decided to poison me without even giving me a chance to prove I was good. I think that the king should at least have a chance to convince the healers to heal him. Maybe make it that you cannot apply the poison 20sec before the end of the day to make it less tricky?


The same holds for power-hungry Princes or Hunters that just ache to use Retribution and troll for that purpose. As long as BD holds any kind of immediate killing power this scenario will occur in some number of games. The only solution to that is to only have delayed BD killing power or omniscient costly BD killing power like Knight’s CS. The only delayed killing power is poison/bleed currently and can always be countered through a neutral class Alchemist, so it is fair that BD has some more immediate ways of nighttime execution in my opinion. Currently the Butler will pay with his life if he poisons a BD king, I think that’s one of the strongest forms of possible repercussions, so I think his powers are in a good spot. Make it known and any Alchemist will almost always heal it to prove himself and have a king on his side.


Additional changes:

  • Randomize gear no longer considers your starting gear.
  • Discord Rich Presence is now live!


Whatever that is lol


when it looks fancy when you are playing a gameee


So shouldn’t every non-killer make the following deathnote at the start of the game: “If you see this note, poss jumped to [your number]”? Think this should be reverted.


It’s here! WOOHOO!


I don’t think that’s what that means. I think it means your body when you jump flips as normal but you copy your targets DN for future attacks.


I thought so too, but a poss [3] jumped into me [5], and my deathnote appeared on [3].

So maybe it’s a bug.


If that’s truely what that means then I don’t like it.


definently a bug. Obviously the short term will be the DN “I am 3. if I’m alive kill me”. Of course the funnier counterplay will be to put random “I am X” DN’s on random other guys.