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1.1.0 Patch Notes


It’s inconsequential most of the time so it doesn’t matter.

I don’t mind either way.


Someone was upped randomly.
I had won, and trollboxed him into admitting to being possessor.
He was actually possessor.




I guess everyone love the troll boxes… so that’s unanimous.


Its fun, once I got marshal killed cuz i made king say “this dude is unseen according to sources” after I won XD


King says pardon
5 seconds left
TB “JK exe”

[7] was the Prince


IMO the scorned trollboxes have one huge problem.

The one justification for scorned staying alive after winning, and not having trollboxes, is it’s a decent scumclaim (if there’s no good options that can’t be alive). I’m scorned, my target was already hung, is a really good excuse for MM, possseor etc…

In that case though trollbox is a proving method to remove the scumclaim value of it. Oh you are scorned, trollbox me to say something… It proves you are scorned, thus meaning you can’t pretend to be a scorned if you aren’t. which is a problem.

While being the living scorned can be funny, Losing because the scorned didn’t side with you IMO isn’t fun at all. You can’t reason with, or threaten a class that already won… You can’t appeal to them under a “this helps you win” because they’ve already won. Alc can pick his side, but generally speaking you still can motivate him based on his fear of being lynched or killed at night because he has to win. A won scorned or inq, not so much.


Boslof is there a plan to make merc uncovertable when guarding


We need this


That is true however trollboxing is so fun it’s worth the tradeoff


I would like Merc to have infinite use of Rebound

Not like this would be a significant buff anyway

He never gets to use it


Nah, it’s better as a fakeclaim.


No no and no. I usually like buffs but when you get everyone to vote up your target. And get them down. You can kill everyone


But better idea. Give it infinite guards


That would be like an auto win xd


No… people can still vote your target. “Balanced”


You know what would be a less op buff? Make it have a button that you click and everyone but your target and yourself die. “Balanced it’s not usable till D2 the counter play is to vote up the merc”


I disagree that the scorned at the end is a beneficial amount of fun.

Fun: Being the scorned after winning.

Unfun: losing 3 games in a row on different sides each time, because it comes into the final 3, and each scorned you ran into had a different bias (IE you are NK “I want the most people to win, sorry possesor”), next game you are BD wind up in the same situation “NK rarely wins, I’m siding NK”.

It’s the most disheartening way to lose, because it’s totally random and completely outside of anything you can control. Because of that I was hugely in favor of the scorned dies after winning, with the only thing I didn’t like, was that it eliminates scorned as a last ditch scumclaim… but trollboxing post victory already negates that value.

Just because something is fun for one player while he is that… doesn’t justify it ruining the game for everyone else.


Rebound should just be replaced with Royal Decree(3 uses) - Prevent your target from being accused of treason or targeted by day abilities tomorrow.

Or change rebound so it bypasses everything.


Yes for the first part no for the second. Had a game with a merc. I said dare anyone to vote 14! 3 people did. And I said well one of you are going to die. Got the assaisn