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1.1.0 Patch Notes


Um… I’m pretty sure no one would give him info except neutrals


the only effect this would have is gamethrowing from dead made possible. No support.


I did say it was a crazy idea.

But TBH it wouldn’t be game throwing to tell the Reaper that (hypothetically) 5 was unseen.


So far I only have two issues with all these changes.

First, I love the new butler change, however, I would like for it to revert back to how it was, which was unusable until day 3. This might seem unneeded, but unless the king is obviously evil, you can’t deduce that he’s evil day 2. I think this will help minimise trolling and help emphasize how powerful the tool is to newer players.

The second problem I have is with inquisitor and sorcerer. It seems a lot of people are convinced that the inquisitor is overpowered, and for good reason since he almost never loses. However, I feel this isn’t inquisitor being overpowered but his win condition being the easiest. All he has to do is live to see the sorcerer die, which is angst laughably easy, since sorc has almost all the same problems as other nk roles along with the inquisitor after them.

These new changes to inquisitor and sorc mean he still can’t trust his own main ability and his changes ruthless efficiency doesn’t do anything other than make BD go after you as well. Inquisitor basically has the following problems:
If he checks a magic user, they could be dusted or just a court wizard or mystic
If he checks the sorc, they could just show up as non magic
If he kills bd trying to find sorc, he only helps sorc and evil group, which hurts him in his goal.

I really hope these changes don’t go live and we look at ways of making it harder for inquisitor to win without gutting him completely and relying on BD to kill the sorc.


Yeah but that also means that king execute should be limitied to n3


Updated Patch Notes


All of this is fantastic!


I agree on this totally it’s fine if you remove trollbox but YEA CHAOS!!!


Trollbox is fine


I feel history might be repeating. Didn’t you already try this and it was widely disliked, to the point you re-enabled it again?

Please just leave Scorned and Inq alone in general. Or remove the Inqs powers, since they are able to turn the game around for one faction or another, Scorned with Troll Box can’t really unless people are gullible.

Troll Box is fine no matter when it’s used. I really like the power and messing around with it.


Ok this is pretty good


u mispelled mystic bos ree







Can we make the odds 2/3 Good and 1/3 Evil? It doesn’t do much but it’s much neater then 65% and 35%


That was before people could leave and still get their gold. Pretty obvious difference right there.
Plenty of people don’t like the chaos that the Inq and Scorned can cause even after winning.


Letting Inq continue to kill people and out Cult is dumb but Scorned trollboxes are so funny I wish they would stay


Yeah me too


No more inq abilities is fine
But TB was half the fun


Yeah I agree