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1.1.0 Patch Notes


Can we make the Circle of Death notification a generic “You were attacked last night” message instead of “You were killed while visiting X”? It may as well say “You were killed by the Sorcerer’s Circle of Death on X”.


Well without dead interaction does it really matter?


Why’s it matter? You’re going to be dead anyway.

Unless you are an observer who is healed while following the person that got CoD’d I guess.

And we’ll see about whether it becomes meta or not, but the fool effect isn’t as harmful as you think.


If you survive the circle, yes.

Also I’m not sure how the new Butler poison works but I think it would be really cool if at the end of the day when the King is poisoned, the camera turns to the King and watches as he falls down dead.


I don’t think it says that if you survive. Fairly sure the healed message overrides it. If that’s not true then yes they should fix that.


I actually posted this because I just got healed through a Sorc circle. It actually said I was “killed while visiting” which doesn’t sound right. Also the other day I survived one because of stoneskin.


Not really. You’ve confirmed the NK is a Sorc, which you likely know by D3 (or can figure out without much trouble).

It’s like knowing the assassin killed someone: so what?


In that case yes they should change that. I was not aware you got that message if you survived it.


It isn’t as easy as it once was to find the NK.

Possessor doesn’t give a notification.
Reaper doesn’t have anyone who can read the dead chat to out him
Possessor often facelifts inquis or sorcerer making not even sorc games a given.
Randomly failed kills means you can’t just find out based on the kill pattern.

There are still tells (such as missing logs for reaper) but it isn’t a given that the NK will be known early game.


I don’t know about that. As you said, Reaper is pretty obvious for now because of logs. So that means there are two other options: Sorc or Poss.

Possessor can no longer face lift as Sorc because people will know it’s not an Inq game when the Inq doesn’t commit suicide the next day. They can jump as an Inq but then people will still be looking for a sorc (though I guess that might get evils off their back).

What I’m saying is this bit of info doesn’t really matter and odds are the person who gets it is either: dead, doesn’t really have any incentive to share it (see: alch), or is saved in a way that means the information was earned and can be shared freely.


He has 2 Jumps. If he jumps as Inquis then people won’t be expecting a Poss kit and if he jumps as sorc he can just jump the next night as inquis and problem solved. Presumably you would have enough information that this would be worth it (because you knew the class of the final person and planned it all out or something).


The Inq suicide will now make HH’ing (or following) a victorious Inq claim a very good move. Which means the poss won’t want to announce himself as the victorious Inq. Which will lead people to further doubt the subsequent Inq death (poss jump).


We combat that by not letting the inquistor die when he gets HH"d

Die good meta strats


This one is my fav


It makes it suck.

Know you can’t do anything, not even speak to the dead.

It makes the ability worse by virtue of making it suck for the chilled person.


tbf it’s great for the Reaper


Well not imo, the dead players can literally tell the chilled person who the reaper is, so it can backfire


How would they know?

It’s a small buff and makes the experience of being chilled ten times worse.


Well I have no idea but it always happens to me, so that’s why I am happy for the change

I mean when I used to play TOS I didn’t really care when I got bm’d it’s prob gonna be the same TOL

Edit: something weird happened, so I fixed it


Here’s an crazy idea:

Let Reaper talk to the dead.

It makes sense thematically and it’s not like he’s doing anything else on his throne. :smiley: