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1.1.0 Patch Notes


Well poacher are rares because hunter are the hardest class to convert so who cares


I like that a lot damn


STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THIS. We already have a lot of Butlers who poison the King N2 for no reason, usually in the last seconds of the day so you might not get to shout “poisoned” in time or be noticed.

Revert this, please. Kill in 1 night = Fine but stop being unfair to the king and giving trolls such a massive help by removing the notification. I feel this is a terrible move.

Still disagreeing with Scorned and Inq committing suicide if they win. What’s the point in being neutral then? And as is being discussed in Discord, it means less people to shield BD AND Evil, among other reasons. That scorned can be won over by the evil factions and help them secure a win just as easily as the BD can win them over and help secure THEIR win. As neutral I usually help whichever faction doesn’t bother me. Unseen attack me despite knowing my class? Well I will help BD. BD give me grief and try to exe me or are playing stupidly? Then I will help the Unseen. Why would I help the BD win when they are barely helping themselves by harassing a confirmed neutral or just playing badly?

Still hoping this is reverted as well.

Aside from this, the rest of the patch seems ok.


Those Butlers are throwing. And most don’t do that.


The repercussion of that is that they would commit suicide if king is BD. I think that’s a great tradeoff warranting such a powerful ability.


You’d be surprised. And you can’t class it as throwing really. “Oh, I thought he was evil”. The perfect excuse.

Some don’t care and take the chances of getting a confirmed BD king instead of a random one. If you played PTR with the Always Neutral King bug then you’d see the lengths people go to to get a confirmed BD king rather than even Neutral. I had 5 days of people complaining to kill one once.


I presume that both the King and the healer would be notified if the king was healed from a butler’s nightshade?


actually. no, they would not be notified that they were healed from a butler nightshade. the only thing thing that would tell it, is that the king would die in 1 day, instead of 2.

and actually. I disagree, about the king change. the correct way would evil 35%, neut 15% and good 50%, the king is confirmed bd in 60% of the games and its too much.


That’s the Unseen’s fault for being so obvious, if the sheriff was able to find him on his last night, he should probably be rewarded or at least have some chance of being able to out them.



How many times do we need to say this?? BD SHOULD NOT HAVE A SAFETY NET IF THEY DIE. You found and unseen and got attacked? Too bad so sad.


RIP Neut King, I liked the spontaneity of the Neutral King sometimes.


It’s an in game day.


RIP Neut King. I will miss him. I don’t agree with the need to remove him but I understand the reasoning.

The Butler change is fantastic imo. Addresses many problems:

  • Butler is less confirmable
  • Butler is buffed
  • The consequence of a bad poisoning (Butler suicide) will matter more, since King will almost never be healed and Butler must be certain of the risk.

Butler will now be more dynamic and risky to play. Good job.


It should be 50/50. This would be a good way to reduce the whispers.


I’m sure it will be increased if that isn’t enough. I’d try 60/40 first though because 50/50 has too much risk of exe king D2 meta.


Last time I checked on PTR though the whisper meta wasn’t as prevalent as it was before. Some people still whisper the king but it wasn’t a mandatory mass claim D2. It was mostly TP and people trying to network with TP (particularly alchs) rather than anyone and everyone. And no not all TP did it either, it would be like a Knight trying to prove and 2 alchs or something.


I bet the current split results in D2 King exe meta once this is out of PTR.

Right now people don’t because it’d suck to happen to roll 1 and have to go back to 30m+ queues


We have been over this. The only reason why D2 king exe ever happened was because he used to have only a 33% chance of being good. Now he has almost twice that, 2 attacks and a fool effect. People avoid lynching fools and they are already scum, you think people would risk the possability of loosing a BD king, loosing 2 guards, loosing OE, loosing D2 and D3 exe and loosing a royal class (the one that steps up) for a slightly higher chance of BD king and a possability of an evil king who is more likely to be trusted and knows who the evils are? If that’s not enough to make it not worth it then I don’t know what is.


It might be cleaner to have a 2/3 good 1/3 evil split.

It’s about what it is anyways, just neater.


It’s only a 1% difference. I’d say its close enough.