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1.1.0 Patch Notes


I won’t.

Survival is a boring goal.


well you can always get elected, I’ve gotten elected as confirmed merc pretty regularly, when there isn’t a confirmed BD a confirmed neut can often win over an unknown.


Nightshade Wine will no longer notify the King and will kill the same day.

I like this, solves the confirmability problem better than all the other proposals.


Nah i like all Neutral Classes except The Inquisitor so i will not do that.


That’s why you said you healed the king :slight_smile:


You have to actually do it N1. And a princess, Hunter or Knight can screw you over


That’s why you ask for knights healers on me I don’t want to die N1 and guess what happened when I tried that. Two physicians 1 knight and 1 evil all said they were on me. :wink: still killed someone


I am going to try to make a new neutral class and fix poachers problem


What problem? Poacher is really strong. Or is that the problem?


The problem is he can’t occupy someone who’s been occupied three times.




That’s a weakness.


Not every class has to be Bruce Almighty


Plus poacher already is Bruce almighty.


The ability that’s occupies someone for two nights is useless if they occupy the sheriff who turned into a guy who can’t drink wine

And can break traps with his bear hands


Neither can a Servent or Butler


Balance > Lore

Poacher is almost as good as Prince imo


Sorry but without lore there is a game that you click buttons and they do something

Next time someone brings up that I will copy and paste it


Never played poacher though. One day


He’s really good.