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1.1.0 Patch Notes


The point is so you don’t get executed for a failed attempt
Also lets you know someone’s protecting him


So that your target doesn’t get killed for a failed attempt in a reaper game. Also so EKing can fake it in a reaper game


Updated Butler and King notes


The change ^^


THANK YOU! Finally! Neut King removed!


Great change


It’s good


It’s disheartening to see an unique playstyle be removed. I don’t see why neutral king was problematic. The butler changes are a definite plus however.


Nightshade Wine should also be unhealable.

A: It allows some confirmability without killing the King
B: It let’s Alchemist undermine the Butler.


But then how does a King Counterplay it?


Simple don’t drink the wine :slight_smile:

You think he would learn by now


I love Neut king, that’s a shame.


I do love the butler poision change, I hope people will use it carefully


It was always unfair for someone who is suppose to survive die when they use their defense to a reaper


It was always unfair for someone who is suppose to survive die when they use their defense to a reaper

So find the reaper faster?
As the king you have the most information in the game, you can manipulate people to get them confirmed. (tell phys to heal princess and princess to wisp, use observer, tell knight to cs alch and alch to stoneskin)

A good king will find the reaper fast enough, and the reaper have no reason to kill the king until the end.


Sorry you said good king and I said neutral second off how do you expect him to find them by day 2. He then bypasses your night ability.


A neutral king job is to surivive. Getting people to die faster is A great way to survive. Which is why you DON’T want people to be confirmed. Because if they are they may start accusing you. Let them fight among themselves until it is to late

Which is why I never heal as alch unless I have to and which is why I use both of my bombs earlier


Is this an ingame day or IRL day


(replace Mudasir with Classic and Salman with Casual Mode and you got my feelings on it)


Few problems with this strategy. Everyone suspects you are NK and will kill you the second they find out what you’ve done.


Oooh i will miss being Neutral King.