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1.1.0 Patch Notes


To be fair, isn’t this one in PTR already?


"When it done testing " no one tells me where the testing is


No one noticed that edit




I said no one notices… don’t make me get my friend…ditto…


Brw poacher seems so UP because of Occupy immunity after 3 Occupies


I hate princess changes now. Reaper instantly gets outted

Tired going to go to bed soon


I think this is a mistake for several reasons.

  1. No class in ToL was entirely dependent on the dead. Physician and Psychic / Mystic were still obviously very useful even if every dead person left immediately. So it’s not really a problem if people leave while dead.

  2. People often want to stick around after death in order to see the end of the game (and if you’re a member of a faction, you’re still going to lose a lot of GP if you leave early under the new rules.) When people do stick around, it’s more fun for them if they have some way to get messages to the living, even if it’s unreliable.

  3. The ability for the dead to talk to the living smooths out randomness a little bit by ensuring that it’s still possible to get their results on their last day (so, an investigative dying on the same night that they visit someone doesn’t always mean their results are lost forever.)

  4. Communication with the dead leads to more strategically-deep gameplay because it adds more people who can devote their time to analyzing events and generally applying social deduction, then gives them a way to relay that to the living.

  5. Fun is an important part of the game (it is, after all, a game.) Yes, the game needs to be balanced to be fun, but “Call The Dead is fun” and “it’s fun to hang around as a dead and try to give good advice to the mystic” are totally good arguments for keeping the ability.

Please revert the removal of Call The Dead and Chill. If ‘people sometimes leave’ is the only reason to remove it… well, what’s the harm of leaving it in? If people leave, they leave; it’s certainly no worse than not having it at all.


I got a question why did the unseen kill the sheriff. So he can’t find them. Now how unfun would it be to find out a mystic has got the sheriff results of your mastermind being unseen


Dead should stay dead


Never even thought of that



Please revert the removal of Call The Dead and Chill

I want Call The Dead back but I like that Chill doesn’t let you talk to the dead anymore. Sure it gives the chilled person a way to still have fun but it was too powerful in a way that it often hurt Reaper more than it helped.


the dead could become anonymous instead.

this way, you would not know if the dead who speak to is unseen or bd, and it would make their word less trust worthy


It isn’t just people sometimes leave.
Because around 70% leave when dead, already. Without the new gold patch.


So, the interaction and hope for the dead chat is COMPLETETLY dead ? Hmm, I can understand because a lot of people leave. But it’s a bit dissapointing.


Give him some milk.


A shame I can’t make One is NK jokes


Make it anyway.


Nah just say 1 is a psycho king


Also the change to king is very stupid,
Evil king should have counter and if they order execution the prince the court should know that.

What the point of buffing evil king? evil king already gives evils better chance to win.

Its like making assasin unable to die from knight when they attack the prince.

When you order execution the prince you take a risk! thats the fun about the game. risks.