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1.1.0 Patch Notes



  • Overhauled the lobby and in-game UI.
  • If you leave games while dead, you will still earn 40% of the gold you would’ve gained had you stayed once that game ends. If you already completed your objective, you’ll get the full gold amount you’d normally win.
  • You can now copy things from other players’ journals.
  • The starting King is now always player 1.
  • Added the ability to mute players in-game.
  • Knight’s Sacrifice ability has been renamed to Defend.


  • Added Emotes (NOT EMOJIS) for purchase in the store. You can use your currently equipped emote once a day.
  • Added Deathnote colors for purchase in the store. You can use all the colors you purchase for your deathnotes.
  • Players who are blocked from voting will now be shown as abstaining during trials.
  • Added Casual game mode.

Minor Class/Ability Changes:



  • Nightshade Wine will once again take two days to kill the King. REVERTED
  • Nightshade Wine will no longer notify the King and will kill the same day.
  • Concentrated Wine no longer says you were occupied while visiting target. Now has a more generic message.


  • Happy Hour now has a more generic message.


  • Order Execution will now only announce the kill when it succeeds.
  • Evil King now has a 30% chance to spawn and Neutral has a 10%. CHANGED
  • Evil King now has a 35% chance of spawning and Good King a 65%. Neutral King can no longer spawn at the start.


  • If someone tries to redirect them, they will know who they would’ve been redirect to.


  • Can no longer accuse their target of treason.
  • They will automatically vote to pardon their target.


  • Unlimited uses of Facelift. X
  • Possess reduced to 2 uses and you will now get your target’s deathnote.


  • Icy Touch - Chilled players can no longer talk to the dead and are instead silenced.


  • Will now commit suicide after winning. (REMOVED)
  • Abilities will be disabled after winning, but can leave after winning and get their winning at the end of the game.



  • Will now commit suicide after the Sorcerer dies. (REMOVED)
  • Abilities will be disabled after winning, but can leave after winning and get their winning at the end of the game.
  • Ruthless Efficiency will now kill all targets, but will only bypass the Sorcerer’s night immunity.


  • Magic Cloak will now make the Sorcerer appear as a non-magic user to the Inquisitor in addition it its current effects.

Major Class/Ability Changes:



  • Reanimate removed
  • Added Day Ability Inoculate - Make a player immune to Nightshade and bleeding. Does not cure it. 1 use. (Credit to Livicus for the ability idea)
  • Added Night Ability Self-Care - If you are attacked tonight, you will heal yourself. 2 uses.


  • Changed Will-o-Wisp - Tells you if the target attacks anyone tonight. Only detects attacks that count as visiting. 2 uses.


  • Renamed to Mystic.
  • No longer has Call of The Dead.
  • No longer unique
  • New Night Ability Conduit - Allow two players to talk to each other for the rest of the night. You will be able to hear, but not speak to them. 2 uses. (Credit to NuclearBurrito for the ability idea)
  • Link Minds and Conduit will not work on other linked players, reaped players, or other Mystics. (REMOVED THE INABILITY TO LINK PRINCE OR JAILED TARGETS).



  • Replaced Cult Numbers with Telepathy. 2 uses

Casual Mode Overview:

  • The Blue Dragon classes that can spawn are - Butler, Knight, Mystic, Physician, Prince, Princess, and Sheriff.
  • There can be up to 3 of each non-unique Blue Dragon class.
  • Fool, Sorcerer, and Inquisitor cannot spawn.
  • Cult and Paladin cannot spawn.
  • No Royal Blood passives.


Additional changes:

  • In v1.1.1, added “Streamer Mode” via options.
  • Randomize gear no longer considers your starting gear.
  • Discord Rich Presence is now live!

"Whisper King Meta" Thread

Again, love the patch. A lot of great changes!


Yeah! This game just got more deduction based! People can fake claim better now :smiley:


Playing sad violins


Removed all interaction with the dead. That’s the only thing I am really sad about.


The bad:

I think the suicide changes are not a great idea imo.
Usually when a Scorned or Inquis win, they like to fuck around. I think people should have the ability to continue fucking around, it just wouldn’t make sense to have them die instantly

Player 1 being King always honestly just ruins the randomness of the game sometimes, I think King should still be any number

I an also not very fond of the Psychic namechange, for the same reasons as Phys was going to be changed to Medic. I think maybe in Casual Mystic should be a thing but I personally think Psychic is just cooler.

Mystic is still a better namechange than Medic, Medic is just bland and boring.

The Neutral:

Will o Wisp will now be like an Observer that can only detect attacks, which I am sort of mixed about. Again, it makes princess not a suicide style class but then again, it’s weaker if you get killed.

Poss will also now be much more powerful now that Call of the dead is gone. Neutral on this as poss is cool as of rn but didn’t really need any buffs.

Psychic is becoming like old psychic. But now there is no incentive to stay for death as there are no resurrections or dead chat. Uniqueness was always something I liked but it’s cool either way as it means I can get one of my favorite classes more often

The Good:

Finally Apostle has now got something in common with Psychic/Mystic (gonna have to get used to it)

everything else that was not said in bad or neutral, deathnote idea is the fucking best.

The dumb ideas i made:

Priest and Soulcatcher could return but Resurrection will not exist and both classes will be incredibly different. No night immunity either
This version would be social and can talk to the dead

(Leave Sorc portrait as it is, Soulcatcher can gain an entirely new one)


sorry for being incredibly pessimistic about this update, but that’s just my job as a community member and an aspiring game dev.

Just wanting to make the game better and more fun to play


Mystic seems so boring to play with 2 uses of the night ability


Oh wait they still have link minds nvn




Everything looks awesome. I have nothing really to complain about, i like every single change.
Well, maybe except the King 30/10 change.


so what you’re saying is you want an entirely different class with the priest name stuck on to it
why not just make new and interesting classes and accept the priest is ripperoni




Not sure about how useful this would be.

Also I don’t really think the suicide changes do much except make everything a bit more bland. Inq can’t side with evils or BD now. Just has to get sorc then die.


Honestly I’m not sure that one name change you dislike and Scorned/Inquis dying (which I think you’ll find is ok) is “extremely pessimistic”.

I also don’t undetstand your stance on the King beibg player 1 (the game is still just as random), but hey.


alright Marl, yeah true.

I was just throwing it out as a possible name that would not happen.

A codename to be exact, the class would need a new name and a new convert name


There won’t be “1 always dies early” meme anymore.


Time for 16 to take that slot :stuck_out_tongue:


King being player 1 just makes things less rng based, so I can no longer be 1 who is the MM as 1 is instantly confirmed to be king


but yeah good point there