1.0.9 Patch Notes

There will be a short period of some public testing on Steam, before the patch goes live.


  • The buttons to open your journal, deathnote, and notes now toggle it on/off.
  • The whisper and hearsay input boxes now check to make sure the message was sent before clearing the input.
  • Players now have to wait 1 seconds before chaning their votes.
  • There is now a confirmation box when you buy an item.
  • Start early button has poofed from public games.


  • Added a few new rooms for the death recap.
  • Added a tutorial match for new players.
  • The old tutorial is still there, but has been simplified.
  • A button has been added to the journal to load a default layout.
  • All healers healing a bleeding/poisoned player will now see that the player was bleeding/poisoned.
  • Two new classes added. The Inquisitor and the Sorcerer.
  • Royal blood now transfers when changing classes in all cases.
  • New armor called Demonic Chestguard.
  • New weapon called Cursed Longsword.
  • Improved lobby framework.
  • Improved and fixed some bugs with friends list.
  • If no one could add you as a friend or be added: This is now fixed! Ask them to send you another friend invite.
  • Nicknames can only be changed once/day


  • Removed Hangover.
  • Added Happy Hour. 2 uses.

Court Wizard:

  • Recharge Removed.
  • Added new night ability Tornado. Swap two players’ positions, causing all players targeting one them to target the other. Infinite uses.
  • Ice ward has been changed to a self target ability. Now has 2 uses.

Cult Leader:

  • Eradicate is now a two target ability.
  • Now starts with 2 uses of Eradicate.
  • Sacrifice grants 2 uses of Eradicate.

Death Knight:

  • Changed Undead passive completely. Death Knight appears dead to all other players. They cannot talk to living players or vote. They will not appear in the court during the day.

Drunk & Alcoholic:

  • Old Debauchery has returned. It will force players to target you instead of their original target. You will be immune to all conversion and attacks you redirect.


  • Slap removed.


  • New Neutral Investigative class. Will always spawn with the Sorcerer.
  • To win the Inquisitor must live to see the Sorcerer die.
  • Passive Holy Blessing - Immune to death at night.
  • Passive Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition - Visits are hidden from others at night.
  • Night Ability Find Magic - Check if a player is a magic user. Court Wizard, Paladin, Psychic, Illusionist, Sage, Sorcerer, and the Cult are magic users.
  • Night Ability Ruthless Efficiency - Attack a player. If they are a magic user, you will kill them. Bypasses night immunity. 3 uses.


  • Allies changed. All starting kings will now discover if a player has the Royal Blood passive.

Noble & Aristocrat:

  • New passive Hearsay - At night a random player will be chosen and they can send anonymous messages to you.
  • Royal Decree and Order have both been limited to 2 uses.


  • Can no longer target disconnected or afk players with Reanimate.


  • Removed Strength of Corax.
  • Added a version of Tornado called Teleportation. 3 uses.
  • Changed Brotherhood. Now makes all Cult members appear as Blue Dragon. 1 use.


  • Removed Shock.
  • Added Tornado.
  • Can now target self with Wall of Fire.
  • Changed type to Support.


  • New Neutral Killer class. Always spawns with Inquisitor. Counts towards the single Neutral Killer limit.
  • Must live to see the Blue Dragon defeated. This means they win with the Unseen and Cult.
  • Passive Mage Armor - Immune to death and occupation at night.
  • Day Ability Magic Dust - Make a player appear as a magic user to the Inquisitor tonight. 3 uses.
  • Night Ability Magic Missile - Fire a magic missile at a player, killing them.
  • Night Ability Circle of Death - Everyone visiting target player will die. Not usable until Night 5. 3 uses.

Let’s see those fatty dev notes bb

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So King can no longer detect faction, just bloodline?

We’re going to have a lot of dead kings… even more than now!

Does conversion work correctly again? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes bitch


A really good patch. Fixes a lot of issues people had with the game. Drunk is still pretty strong, but does stop them being a beast with a healer


@Hippolytus what do you think about the Noble’s new Hearsay ability? :wink:

Sorta useless imo, lets see how it goes.

Interesting, gives the cult more power. If it kills 2 people does it use two charges?

Come to think of it, what’s the point of Ice Ward if you can self-tornado?

It’s a guaranteed “not be visited” night, instead of a “maybe I’ll be attacked/converted still, or target is jailed”

You can’t die or be converted

King can still find fake drunks and princess claims

Lol is that at all influenced by your suggestion or not?

Bus Driver HYPE!

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occupy immune players can bypass it I think

Yeah, Bos asked me if I’d be cool with him adding it to Noble

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From balanced prespective:

While the new Natural killer is very cool, I don’t understand why he is against BD while the Inquisitor is against the sorccerer only.

Its like the cult are getting a crazy-powerfull assasian that can’t die.

It would be balanced if the Inquisitor would be in the BD side, and he will not just be able to kill every magic user he can find.

The DK is also got alot weaker so I fear for BD.

From fun Perspective

The new natural killer seems Super fun!

CW also much better…

I don’t like the drunk that much, it’s seems like a butler that is known to the attacker. I loved it when he could die, and we could get information. now only the targering player get the information. I do prefer this drunk better then the last patch drunk

King: I think it’s a good change. it doesnt make sense that evil king will have so much affection on the game. I would love the king to have more then 4 uses of this power, because it’s much weaker.

Noble: I have to see how it’s works. the noble know the random player? how can it help the noble if he doesnt know and the player just doesn’t say anything?

DK: I really don’t like the cannot talk idea. This game is about deceit. Reading logs and faking logs is the base of this game. Remove talking is just make the game far worst. It’s good enough that they cannot vote for balancing issues

In a way, though the cult are going to have a heck of a time avoiding friendly fire. Also I’d say unseen is where it’s a bit more troubling. Inquisitor is very unlikely to kill unseen members, as it doesn’t kill MM, Assasain or 80% of possible converted roles. but he does kill all kinds of cult.

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Negates MM Princess claims and Invoker Drunk claims and no longer shits on neuts; it’s a fair change.