1.0.8 Patch Notes



Developer Notes

Most players didn’t find the Priest very fun and most just waited for the Prince to die before reviving anyone. The Priest heavily affected balance. When it wasn’t a guaranteed spawn and was convertable, games could be easily swing in one factions favor depending on if the Priest spawned or was converted. The BD had a low winrate, around 30%, before the Priest was buff, at which point it shot up to roughly 60%. There was no real in between where you could make the games not swing heavily because of the Priest and having the class not be overpowered. So the class was removed and other classes have taken over the utilities the Priest provided.


  • Now had 4 uses of Stoneskin Potion

Court Wizard:

  • Magical Barrier Removed.
  • Ice Ward now has infinite uses, but can only be used on each player two times.
  • New night ability Recharge. Grant a player another use of all their limited use abilities. 1 use. Does not work on Physician or a Prince who executed a Blue Dragon.

Developer Notes

The Court Wizard was an extremely powerful class and could make it really difficult for the Cult/Unseen to convert players. Many people also didn’t have much fun playing the class as they felt useless playing the most powerful class in the game. So the Court Wizard’s Ice Ward receive infinite uses, but since it is a powerful ability, it needed the downside of not being usable on the same person twice. The Recharge ability was given so the class would have a powerful support ability that you have strategically decide when and who to use it on.

Drunk & Alcoholic:

  • New passive I Am the Liquor - Immune to occupation at night.
  • Debauchery now forcing all players targeting your target to target you instead. You will be immune to any attacks or conversions you redirected.


  • Removed Surprise Mojo.
  • Added new night ability Hide. No one will be able to visit you tonight while you hide. 2 uses.

Developer Notes

Too many Butlers pretending to be Fools and then getting executed by the Prince, so Surprise Mojo was removed. The ability also didn’t provide much utility to the Fool. Hide can be used to protect the Fool from death and may have some other uses if you’re creative enough. wink wink


  • Drug no longer causes the player to believe their bleeding or poison was cured.


  • Evil and Neutral King both now discover a player’s faction.
  • Good King still only discovers allies.


  • Now appears as occupied when a player tries to occupy them.

Noble & Aristocrat:

  • Removed Spy Maid.
  • Removed Private Matter.
  • Added new day ability Political Pressure - Force a player to accuse another player of treason and block further voting from them. 2 uses.
  • Added new day ability Noble Twin - Your vote for execution or pardon will count twice. 2 uses.
  • Added new night ability Royal Decree - Make a player immune to treason accusations the next day. Infinite uses.

Developer Notes

The Noble was kind of all over the place with his Social ability themes. He will now be focused on vote manipulation, which is more fitting for a Noble.


  • Removed Misdirect
  • New passive Call the Dead. Communicate with the dead at night.
  • Added Private Matter as a day ability. Whispers to and from you will be hidden from the public. 2 uses.
  • Link Minds now only targets 1 player but allows them to speak to you and the dead at night.
  • Dead messages will appear in the Psychic chat tab.

Developer Notes

The Psychic gains the Priest’s ability to talk to the dead, so no information is lost just because a player dies. They will have the ability to reveal information from the dead without revealing themselves.


  • Removed Misdirect
  • Added Private Matter as a day ability. Whispers to and from you will be hidden from the public. 2 uses.


  • Removed Exhume.
  • Added Reanimate. Reanimate a dead Blue Dragon player as a Death Knight. They will die in 3 nights. 1 use.

Developer Notes

Too many people just wanted to wait for the Prince to die to revive them. Reanimate avoids this by making the revived player a special class. This way you can revive any class without having to worry that you wasted it.

Death Knight:

  • Passive Undead - Immune to occupation, conversion, and death at night. Immune to Nightshade and bleeding. Immune to Reap and Possess.
  • Passive Rotting - Dies 3 nights after being revived.
  • Night Ability Sacrifice - Protect a player, killing anyone attempting to attack them. 2 uses.
  • Night Ability Cold Steel - Kill a player. If they’re an ally you will take your own life instead. 1 use.

Bug Fixes:

  • Trollbox messages can now be highlighted.
  • Fixed bug with Mastermind dying before day 4 causing dead players to appear alive.
  • Fixed Merc not committing suicide.
  • Fixed bug with Dirty Work where your abilities wouldn’t appear the first night you’re Assassin.

Holy fucking shit Boslof calm down

Like wow this is amazing and scary at the same time

I think we’ve reached a critical mass of too frequent updates lmao


And the twins return!

Wait what was the point of removing Priest if Psychic just talks to the dead now?

I would’ve assumed that Priest was removed to solve the issues that arise from talking to the dead?

Also can converted Psychics still dead talk?

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you all killed priest. WAS THIS WHAT YOU ALL WANTED?!


Illusionist can’t talk to the dead.

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Spicy changes. I approve.

Also did Bos do art for Death Knightt :wink:

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Icibalus your apart of the reason priest died.

What why I did nothing to kill Priest

expect approve. expect approve. also boslof is a programmer not the artest but I do expect new art if the death knight does become a thing

These are fantastic changes. No one can really be upset at an active dev, can they?


But I like the idea of splitting Priest’s ability. Also remember Scorned art from Beta?

fair point

So Debauchery is basicly heal?
Does it work with MM?

For example: you cast Debauchery on 1 and MM try to convert 1, you’ll get converted yourself?

MM is occ immune and would convert the original target. The real question is what would happen to the CL

Upset =/= taken aback at the fact that I can’t keep up with this never-ending stream of change

like really lol

The Drunk is immune to conversions he redirects

oh shoot Drunk is really good now

Wait a second! Now Phys is unclaimable even if converted!!!

BTW it would make more sense to just give Ice Ward a 1 day cooldown. That way an early game ward won’t screw you over