1.0.7c Patch Notes


  • Added ability to undo in journal with Ctrl+Z
  • 1 Neutral Killer is guaranteed to spawn in 16 player games.
  • Increased the spawn rate of healers in the game. (Phys/Alch)


  • Reworded “In The Shadows” to specify investigative abilities instead of classes.


  • Misdirect can now be used on Reaped players.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with the Hunter’s Bear Companion.
  • Fixed some possible game breaking bugs.

Drowns in patches


Patches for days! This dev team is working hard!

Great job

awesome to see stuff get patched and fixed so quickly :star_struck:

I dont understand this one?

Means King can’t detect MM either. Was always the case, but Class card was confusing

Because it effects King who is Special, not just investigate classes but any faction determining ability.

Gotta love these frequent patches and updates <3

BRAVO to the DEVS! for the fast turnaround on the CTRL Z update :slight_smile: