1.0.7b Patch Notes


  • Nightshade now starts with 4 uses.


  • Can now cure Nightshade with Crimson Potion.
  • Now immune to Nightshade

Cult Leader:

  • New day ability Rupture. Cause a player to bleed, they will die in 2 nights unless healed. Has 4 uses.


  • Spike Traps renamed to Bear Companion. Now instantly kills players attempting to attack you. Will not kill any other players. (Killing of players trying to convert the Hunter may be added later.)


  • Bear Companion renamed to Spike Traps.


  • The Priest’s revive now either uses their single night of death immunity or they sacrifice themselves.


  • Icy Touch no longer usable during a trial

Bug Fixes:

  • Priest can no longer be healed when using Revive

Praise Boslof~

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4 uses of nightshade XD Oh dear god. Thankfully Alchs can heal it but that’s going to be fickle. I like. I guess bleeding will allow us to know if Unseen or cult much easier now too which is nice

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Literally no reason for an Alchemist to claim Alchemist now. Hope these neuts out people stop complaining.


So… does bear companion still make hunter visitors bleed?

4 nightshade? Holy shit. Otherwise, I kinda like this patch. Not sure alchemist should be able to be neutral physician, crimson potion should be like 1 use (notes don’t specify).

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4 Nightshade Bois

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Rupture, bois

Woah lol

Does Hunter keep their old death and/or conversion immunity while using Bear Companion?


So the only difference from the old traps is that b companion kills attackers?

And it kills them instantly

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Crimson Potion is their preexisting infinite-use healing ability.

So it is. Seems a little Op. Hmm. Alchemist is pretty much a buffed physician then. Poor physician :sweat:

For my own curiosity, on future patches, if you change class mechanics, could we have a brief explanation if why, or what you are trying to achieve? Would mean we could think about whether we feel the aims are good or if they will work?


I think actually with that, the alc may even be pubic claimable. With these changes bleed/poison are going to basically be nonstop threats, and BD’s going to need all the help it can get to prevent them.

With these ones I can see the incentive, it’s to move alc off of the “OMG IT’S A NEUT KILL IT KILL IT!” list, not sure I fully agree with it, but I see what they are going for. 4 nightshades/bleeds to contend with, BDs going to want every healer it can get.

Pat pat

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I totally agree

I love the Alchemist buff it will make the BD to think over before they to execute the Alchemist and the Priest buff is also pretty good

I like how the priest is now nicely in the middle of the OP priest and the Underwhelming Priest .
Intresting choices .

Go for an early res to get three unconvertibles on the board or wait to bring back someone uber useful but risk losing your spare life in the process .

I do worry about healer light games , its ok chucking in alchemists with uber powers to combat the flood of blood , but if no alchemist spawns or if the the standard play of

day 1 rupture a “noob”
night 1 corax the “noob” to wipe out the heal squad