1.0.6 Patch Notes


  • The first day is now 10 seconds longer.
  • The day a player died now shows next to their name in the list. The skull that was there has been removed.
  • Chat text made slightly larger.
  • Added a Vsync and FPS limit option to settings menu.
  • You can now select and highlight messages in the chat.
  • Two new armors and two new weapons for the Halloween season. They will only be available for a limited time. Normally seasonal items will be 3000 gp, but since the patch was delayed, they’ll be 50% off.
  • Added festive lobby art

General Balance:

  • Adjusted the game over checks.
  • Priest is now a guaranteed spawn.
  • Only 1 Neutral Killer can spawn a game.
  • Newer players will no longer spawn as Prince, Hunter, Mastermind, or Cult Leader.
  • There will no longer be a messsage about reaped players leaving the game.


  • Nightshade has been reduced to 1 use.

Cult Leader:

  • Sacrifice now grants 3 kills.
  • The starting Cult Leader now has 3 uses of Eradicate to start.
  • Can no longer use Sacrifice until day 3.


  • Guards! no longer counts as visiting targets.


  • The Knight will no longer commit suicide when attempting to Cold Steel a Unseen member that appears as a Blue Dragon member.


  • Wolf no longer counts as visiting targets.

Noble & Aristocrat:

  • Crier removed.
  • New night ability: Private Matter - Whispers to and from the Noble will be hidden from the public tomorrow.


  • Mercenary now shows up in the visitor list when using Stand Guard. They still will not step on the Hunter’s Spike Traps.


  • Priest is now conversion immune.


  • Will-o-Wisp no longer counts as visiting targets.
  • Will-o-Wisp no longer gets blocked by abilities that prevent visiting targets.


  • Can now use Icy Touch and Gather Darkness during all points of the day.


  • Scout can now be used multiple times a day, but you can still only have 1 Scout out.
  • Scout can now be used Day 1 and during all points of the day.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with groups not joining open lobbies.
  • Fixed a bug where Hangover would prevent everyone from talking.
  • Hitting escape while your journal is open will no longer clear some of the text.
  • Possess now refunds a use if it fails in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Priest wouldn’t get their use of Revive refunded if it didn’t work.
  • Possibly fixed the bug where Scorned wouldn’t win after getting their target executed.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Prince got converted.
  • Fixed a bug with Will-o-Wisp and the Possessor’s Puppet Strings ability.
  • Fixed the ‘credits’ button @ the login screen. For real this time. Finally, know who made the game possible!
  • Some others.

Wow, these QoL improvements happen freakishly fast.

Boslof, are you getting out enough? :laughing:

rip soulcatcher

And how “new” do you have to be for the game to change your roll outcome? That seems abusable imo

Also, not sure I’m convinced on perma-Priest. Care to tell me why it happened? I just don’t have time myself to figure it out lol

It’s only 5 games.
BD needed a buff. Having a guaranteed revive that makes a player unconvertable every game makes a big difference. If the Prince dies N1, the BD chances of winning are a lot lower when there is no Priest. It also keeps people engaged when they’re dead.


The priest changes are the only thing that concern me. Convert immune and guaranteed?

also curious on the “new” line.

If I had to guess either,

  1. recently BDs winrate has been abysmal in my personal experience (Though I almost fully chalk that up to a huge wave of inexperienced players. I just got mocked and executed by litterally every other player in a game, for suggesting we block instead of killing the assassin we were lucky enough to find night 1).

I’d suppose the second factor is to reduce people leaving before the game ends…

I do agree though, from what I’ve seen the game seems like unseens crazy winrate is almost largely BD not really playing it well.

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Alright, 5 games isn’t bad.

I like a lot of the changes. I do like priest always spawning because that’s always the million dollar question. Not a fan of priest not being convertible. Might be a bit OP but I’m sure devs have thought about the balance changes it would make so we will see! But I think priest should be convertible to at least cult. As the priest is a spiritual character and the cult is a spiritual antagonist. Cult converting priest to worshiping mithras instead would make a lot of sense lore wise!
Also would have added king as a role new players can’t take.

Other than that I’m really pumped to see that a lot of these changes come from actual suggestions in the feedback section. When I read the rules and the ban/warning notes, I got a really big sense of how cool and down to earth the devs and mods are. And making feedback and suggestions reality confirms how awesome this game will continue to be!

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Priest convert immune was a butt for cult in the past, fear this will need reversing later though. A short term crutch for BD to ‘Git Gud’ with

Good patchnotes as always :wink:

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Glad my suggestion about Priest being guarenteed was added. Not so sure about Priest being convert immune tho. Then again paladin and sheriff being convert immune was fine ish for awhile so oh well.

The main issue is, especially for cult, they can be left facing 3 convert immune players + king

The cult buff they got might make that unlikely

It certainly helps, but I’m not convinced. We’ll see

I am iffy as well about the conversation immune thing. Then again the situation you provided is losing no matter what.

Prince can jail/kill you
Prince is confirmed for this and is night immune
The revived person is confirmed and has his/her own Ability’s.
The king can’t save you from 3 BD


  • Fixed the ‘credits’ button @ the login screen. For real this time. Finally, know who made the game possible!
  • Added a festive lobby BG by Adiart
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Current role list:

King (evil, neut, bd)

Is this correct?

That situation wouldn’t suddenly happen, it will be an end result if cult run out of kills.

The situation is loosing even with a convertible priest and kills remaining. The problem is only in the trustworthiness of priest claims now.

I really am curious about how meny neuts are alloud in a game. Im not sure if its 3 or 4 or if it can be either.