1.0.5 Patch Notes


  • Added a rules button to the lobby.
  • Added a button to the in-game menu to reload the UI. Use this if your text becomes scrambled (Unity bug).
  • Possible improvements to connection issues.
  • Joining a room now has a satisfying join sound
  • Some lobby UI upgrades (HD = better!)
  • FPS is no longer locked at 60, and now locks at 120

Friends List:

  • You can now invite friends to lobby rooms directly
  • Friends list now shows your avatar
  • Friends list now shows your title
  • Friends list mini UI revamp
  • Friends list stability (complete revamp in the background)
  • Friends list online/offline didn’t always reflect well until now.
  • Friends list status is more reliable

Court Wizard:

  • Magical Barrier can now target two players.


  • Players will now know when they occupy the Mastermind.
  • Dirty Work can now be canceled.


  • Possess now only has 1 use.


  • Will-o-Wisp is now a targetable ability. You choose one player that the wisp will inform of who visits you.


  • Reviving with souls now takes 2.
  • Reaper now starts with 2 souls.


  • Reviving with souls now takes 2.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed credits button
  • Some ability fixes.

I like it!

Oh my!

I am very happy! I would like separate things for Steam and In-game friends. As I have alot of people that play ToL on my friends list

Bit confused here of what it means.

I like this!

Seems like a decent change

Don’t have many complaints here

If one of the barriers is triggered do you know which one?

I believe so

Will o Wisp change is a step in the right direction. The less randomness, the better.

btw when is the marshal getting his own portrait?

Soon :breast_feeding:

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:
:ok_hand: :weary: :sweat_drops:

BTW I wanted to know what all of the classes were in the first playable version of the game. Does anyone have a link I can look at?

So what will occupiers be told you got the mastermind drunk.
As that’s op.
I’m confused on what it will tell people.

Before it would just say they changed their target. Now it will say he was immune. That is all.


Ah, that’s fair.

Oof those nk changes make my heart hurt but they are for the greater good.

What do you mean? Like what the classes were originally like and which existed? You could check out the first FoL game which use all the basic original classes in their first form, no extra classes, and was a half-decent game.

I feel like that when this happens, the MM will have a good fake claim, then a Butler/Drunk will say they are immune, they get lynched. I don’t know what will derive from this, but I expect the worse, yet hoping for the best

I don’t understand this change. There are only three occupy immune BD classes (Prince, Hunter and Butler), none of which the Mastermind can really claim safely. What’s the point? :frowning:

To give the BD more ways to find the MM obviously.

The Mastermind is the central character of the Unseen. They even made him appear as Blue Dragon for the first 3 nights for this reason. Finding him this way, this early is not really fun.
Also, what the hell is he supposed to claim now? If he claims Butler, he’ll be found by the Princess (or just by asking him to post his journal really). If he claims an Investigative role, he’ll be found by the Butler.

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A butler should not be immediately outing people who are Occupy immune. Doing this could easily out the prince. He could also claim that the CW is on him.

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