1.0.2 Patch Notes


  • Deathnotes have been reenabled. There is now a report button when another player’s deathnote is displayed.
  • Death betting has been changed. You no longer bet gold. You now make predictions about who will die or be executed, and if you are correct you will win extra gold at the end of the game.


  • Stoneskin is now usable throughout the entire day, and can be used day 1.
  • New passive, Coagulate, makes Alchemist immune to bleeding.


  • Removed Forage.
  • Nightshade now has 2 uses.
  • New night ability called ‘2-For-1’ has been added. The Assassin can kill two players in one night. Has 1 use.
  • The uses for Nightshade and 2-For-1 transfer between Assassins.

Court Wizard:

  • Magical Barrier now notifies you if it blocks something.


  • Happy Hour now also occupies the player for the night.

Fool & Scorned:

  • When Trollbox is used on a player, that player will not see the message sent.


  • Can no longer use Wolf until Night 3.


  • Can no longer use Cold Steel until Night 3.


  • Dirty Work can’t be used unless there are less than 7 players alive.


  • Can no longer use Execute until Night 3.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some Possessor bugs.
  • Fixed Fool’s room not appearing during the death recap on the lowest settings.
  • Fixed Possessor bleeding while controlling someone into the Hunter’s Spike Traps.
  • Fixed some game over conditions.
  • Possible fixes to some issues with the chat not appearing.
  • Reconnection screen in lobby should show normally again
  • Message popups should be more stable
  • Fixed font for ban notifications (hopefully you didn’t know about this bug ha)
  • You can now cancel reports at end screen
  • Some others.

Oo la la, A new patch. so no more N1 YoloSteeling!


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Is totally shocked that Luxx is happy about the DNs being back

I don’t think Knight, Hunter and Prince should be prevented from killing until N3. Just preventing it N1 is enough. N2 and N3 have some cases where it is useful and not just random.

You can use good Scumreading to find an evil by N2 in the right cases. I’ve found MM as an Alch like this. If I was instead a Hunter or a Prince I would have wanted to act on this ASAP.

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Love these patch notes

Love the new ability of the assassin, could be very usefull late game, and no one was foraging anyway.

Love that trollbox buff

Love basically everything really :slight_smile:

That better be sarcasm Noz.


Also neat, although I feel that, to really feel the benefit, there should be classes of all factions that can bleed



“Hello Possessor, that’s some nice Occupy Immunity, it’d be a shame if someone were to occupy you through that immunity”

I love it

These are okay

Makes sense

Ho. Lee. Shiz.

Nice. I love this change. It will cause chaos instead of the usual “I was trollboxed, Fool/Scorned confirmed. Please ignore.”

Neat flavor and balance change.

Perfect change to give CW a little more influence

I don’t like these changes. Night 1 made sense, but sometimes you find confirmed scum Day 2 and want the Prince to execute them Night 2. This immense nerf combined with the immense buff for the Assassin will likely be overkill in terms of balance.

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You could still kill them night 3. Also why would you want to kill the Mastermind ASAP? He’d just get replaced if you kill him before day 4.

Love this for the Assassin. But I think it should be allowed only when there about half the number of players alive. Just wanted to have a quick opinion on it

How is having to wait 1 more day to kill and “immense” nerf? How often are you finding scum on day 2?

What is supposed to happen when a prince gets occupied when they want to execute?

Yeah, I agree with @Sketch. Obviously, tol is different to any other social deduction game, but it is pretty standard stopping ‘Town’ killers killing night one. But, gut reads should be permitted any other night. I mean, mistakes only harm their own alignment, right?

Possibly not with the Mastermind. But the point was that if someone is lynched D2 or multiple Invest claims have info D2. Both of which happen. Then you can easily have enough information to kill someone. As a hunter in that sinario I would not know that they were the Mastermind. I would however know (or have reason to believe anyway) that they were scum. This applies especially to the Hunter and Prince more than Knight. The Princes execute gives his jail power and the Hunter’s wolf can provide information without losing too much even if you hit a BD.

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Ya guys are aware… There’s literally no reason to wolf/CS/execute someone Day 2.
“THIS PERSON IS EVIL” claims Day 2 are either Scorned or Fool trying to cause chaos, or there’s just no reason to trust the claim…
OR. Alternatively;… Execute them by voting them :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you scum read someone, can’t get them killed, but decide to put your read to the test

Scum reads are not reliable sources of finding evil DAY 2…