1.0.16e1 Patch Notes


  • Replaced Order with Killer Guards - Send a guard to attack a player. 2 uses. Only starting King has this ability.




Honestly, not a perfect solution.

Let’s hear your perfect solution.




Id personally prefer simply 1-2 allies.

Allies on an always confirmed class just isn’t a good idea.


So every king is Psycho, good to know.

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To be fair, Good, Neutral and evil/cult king are better off without additional night ability

Personally I’d prefer starting king to have a powerful social ability, but this works aswell.

Honestly anything but a powerful invest ability is a huge step in the right direction.


Guards is Support
Decide Fate is Killer
Royal Finger is Social

The king is missing Offensive

Nah I am kidding.

I considered something Offensive, but it just didn’t seem that useful in most cases.


From how most people reacted to Order, i’d say that was pretty offensive.


Not a problem.

Let’s start from lore. King is the owner of the kingdom. He is not Zeus with is unabillity to control his yeng in trousers. So king must know all royal blood characters. By default of d1. But not their faction or class. This will give an opportunity to king to save them, or to convert them, if king is evil.

Another thing, King has his guards. Guards can protect or occupy. And of course this must not count as a move, cus king stays in his appartements.

King is an absolute ruler, have a right to encourage or to punish every citizen. Because he is The Lord of the lords.

King’s guard is not a bunch of silent robots. So King must ask a report from them, if mission was successful.


Passive abilities:
Infallability. Immune to occupation and target changing. Every royal blood character is visible to starting king, without uncovering their class or faction.
Loyal Subjects. - same.

Day Abilities:
Decide Fate - same.
King’s Encourage/ King’s Punishment (infinite uses, using one will block another) - set a blessing on one character, enhancing his night abilities. Using this abilities will not be proclaimed.


Butler/Servant/Invoker - Occupation will ignore occ immune / Occupation will be randomly redirected
CW - Barrier will protect from attacks / Every action against tornado victims will be redirected to CW.
Drunk - Debauch will ignore occ immune / Debauch will not save you from target’s attacks
Hunter - Wolfs will trigger Bears / Wolfs will be randomly redirected
Knight - Cold Steel will not kill knight, if target will be BD / Sacrifice will not bypass immunities.
Noble/Aristocrat/Apostle - Log that will be snooped, will update every night / Log, that will be snooped, will be unreadable.
Observer - Peek will not spend charge, but will block Encourage for 3 turns / Follow will give random results.
Paladin - Test Faith will have a 30% chance to target one more random character / Smite will occupy Cult Leader
Physician - Heal will guarantee the life of a target / Heal will not cure bleed/poison
Prince - Execute will not be wasted if BD was a target / Remove Prince’s occ immune
Princess/Douchess - WoW/DW will not spend charge / WoW/DW will give random info
Psychick - Will be immune to death / Link will choose a random target, but psy won’t know that
Sherifff - Invest will have a 30% chance to target one more random character / Surv will not protect from attacks
Enforcer - Protects all unseen and prevent others from visiting / Frenzy will redirect assassin’s attack to a random person
Herbalist - Defile will be triggered without spending a chance (even if it was not used) / Defile will be fizzled
Illusionist - Mind Warp in addition will block target from communications (conversations with others and ability to edit notebook) / Mind Warp will couse target to apply his actions twice with true feedback
Mastermind - Foresight will discover target’s class / Foresight will be randomly redirected
Nightwatch - Follow will occupy targets of a target / WC will be randomy redirected
Poacher - Isolation will have the benefits of Retribution for next day / Spike traps will be randomly redirected to unseen member, bypassing immunities
Sage - WoF will not spend charge / Every action against tornado victims will be redirected to Sage
Sellsword - Revenge has 30% chance to affect extra target, nor counting as a visit / Stonewall will be fizzled
Ritualist - Teleportation will ignore occ immunities / Brotherhood will affect only one random cult member
Seeker - Gaze will have a 30% chance to affect extra target / Gaze will give random info
Alchemist - Crimson Potion will the life of a target / Crimson Potion will not cure bleed/poison
Fool - Decieve will not spend charges / Decieve will be fizzled
Inquisitor - Ruthless Efficiency will not spend charge / Ruthless Efficiency will not bypass night immunity
Mercenary - Rebound will not spend a charge / Stand guard will be fizzled.
Possessor - Puppet Strings will ignore night immunities / Possess will be fizzled
Reaper - Reap will grant you 2 souls / Reap will not kill occ immune characters and will no bypass night immunities even with GD (souls will be spent)
Scorned - Frame will affects both targets / Night immunity will be removed for this night
Sorcerer - Circle of Death will be casted on Target of missile

Night Abilities:
Guards - same, but guards will report you about target’s actions, if mission will succeed.
Arrest - Orders guards to occupy target. Guards will report you about target’s actions, if mission will succeed.

Indeed a very long patch, how did you code that?



Why not, and this is just a suggestion.

Everything is RNG. Give in to it. Embrace it. :smile:

This is incredibly overcomplicated. How is anyone meant to remember any of that when playing?


Well people remember actions of every class. So a tooltip in every skill will be helpful.

Good luck fitting all of that info in a tooltip

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