1.0.16 Patch Notes


  • Everyone can now draw in their deathnote.
  • Spy/Cult Maid no longer counts as a visit.
  • Disabled the early game over checks for the time being. (Games would end when they shouldn’t, even when things like DK’s and abilities were accounted for.)


  • Private Notes background updated.
  • Private Notes are now draggable.


  • Distract now usable during trials.


  • Removed Armored passive, since Protection was changed.
  • Protection now prevents visits to targeted Unseen member.


  • Defile now lets you know the class of the player you defile.


  • Removed Allies from starting King.
  • Added Night Ability Order to starting King - Prevent a player from voting tomorrow. 4 uses.
  • Abilities no longer count as visiting.
  • Starting King now has 6 uses of Guards!


  • Changed Sacrifice icon.


  • Into the Shadows now hides the Mastermind’s occupy immunity again.


  • Smite will now affect the Paladin in addition to his target.

Psycho King:

  • Now permanently death immune at night.
  • Abilities no longer count as visiting.


  • Tornado reduced to two uses.
  • Brotherhood changed to single target, uses increased to three.


  • Now always spawns in Unseen games, and is now unique and unconvertable.
  • New night ability Surveillance - Prevent visitors and learn the name of those that try. You will be alerted if an Unseen member tries. 3 uses.


  • Magic Dust uses reduced to 2.
  • Circle of Death uses reduced to 2.
  • New Day Ability Magic Cloak - Hides your visits at night. 2 uses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the in-game tutorial
  • Fixed a bug with some abilities not being usable during trials.
  • No longer shows multiple healing messages to those being healed. All healers should still know if someone needed healing.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes people wouldn’t show up as visiting. The only abilities or classes that shouldn’t show up as visiting will say so in the class card.
  • Some others.

You reverted all the problematic changes and left the good ones. Impressive. Thanks a lot!

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I don’t remember if I like this or not. One thing I do know is that having it on paladin is wierd but he was buffed too so that’s fine I guess.

TBH I almost wish he wasn’t unique so he could be fake claimed easier.

At least beta showed me that it isn’t terrible. People that were not in beta: DON’T FLIP OUT!!! We’ve seen this before and it was fine!

Inb4 sheriff is removed.

Decide already :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just for this comment, Mastermind is no longer occupy immune but shows as if he was occupy immune. All the downside of both. Enjoy


omg brb kms

I’m just going to stop trying until the patch goes live


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Ok one thing

The Princess, Observer, and Casual mode were all good ideas and should still be included so they can be tweaked if needed before the next patch

Only remove Neutrals from Casual. Don’t need those things in that mode tbqh

Why is Sheriff reverted to to being guaranteed and unconvertable but paladin is not?

That differentiation seems more complex to newer players, not simpler.

Yeah! This is more like it, more focused on balancing rather than out-right change. King is still useless in my opinion, Allies needs replaced with something a little more powerful than the late game Noble power but we’re getting there. Seriously, consider using the idea I posted:

It might work out and General chat, at the time, liked it.

I also see Casual mode is dropped, I like this, and personally, I hope it remains dropped. Not only was it splitting the playerbase, but I just also realised it was creating two versions of the game to be balanced, not just the one, which would make the situation I felt was happening worse, (that the game would never be “stable” because it’s constantly changing then balancing then changing everything again).

Not sure why Sheriff is now Unique and Unconvertable when Paladins aren’t? Not to mention always spawning now. Though I do like the Paladin change to Smite. Though at the same time, I am not sure how well the change to Sheriff would work. If he dies on N1 then the entire game relies on the other investigatives, before you could usually count on there being a second one around.

All in all however, I do like this version of the patch. It’s balancing, not changing the fundamentals of a class, which is how you should progress unless something REALLY doesn’t work. It’s moving forward :slight_smile:

The idea of a casual mode is a good idea and I would have liked playing it, but I do understand that it would cause a lot of problems in the player-base and probably more confusion for newer players in the long run.

An simpler way to go about a casual mode would be to restrict the class-list - have guaranteed Unseen, guaranteed reaper. You could also remove some of the more nuanced classes from spawning like Psychic or Drunk, and just remove Neutrals completely (you’d probably have to have smaller games to account for this but this would be no bad thing for a simpler mode).

I may not fully understand the change but I do have more insight on the impact it has. It makes Sheriff a power class like Prince. Back in beta a jailed sheriff usually lead to the sheriff getting the Prince’s name. Much like Priest was earlier no one was fake claiming it because he is unique, always good and is definitely around to CC you.

I have no idea why they only did this to sheriff.

If the above is good or bad is up to you but it definitely is not gamebreaking.

Please say you mean this as an extra mode and not the main game. That would be horrible.

If you mean an extra mode then you are basically describing the various variations of Casual mode they already mentioned.

That’s his intention

Personally I just want a lobby that is the same in terms of gameplay but is required before you can use the main lobby. That way people still learning the classes have somewhere to chill for a bit before dealing with experts.

I obviously mean an extra mode like was previously discussed…

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Honestly, I know that unconvertible Sheriff can work, and even if I did end up liking the old system I’m actually happy with this direction.

Having unconvertible Sheriff and convertible Paladins (or vice-versa, which I may have preferred tbh) gives even more unique gameplay to each evil faction.


This depends. As I mentioned, if the Sheriff dies N1 in the current version, you can still hope that there is a second and that the king is good and finds unseen.

If the sheriff dies N1 in this proposed version…Unseen get a much easier ride. Only the Observer can find their Faction now (assuming that change was also reverted) and the other investigatives will need to really step up their game.

We’ve all seen how tricky a game is with no Sheriffs…this change might not help that.

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This is true. Unconvertible invest games play very different than games where they are convertable. It does however make it much harder for Unseen.