1.0.14 Patch Notes


  • You will now have a decreased chance of getting the same class you played in your last game.
  • New female starter armor added. It’s free, but you will still need to “purchase” it on the store.
  • Inquisitor, Knight, and Death Knight will no longer be attacked by the Hunter’s bear when attempting to attack him, since they end up not actually attacking him.
  • Improved reporting system.

Court Wizard:

  • No longer unique.
  • Removed Ice Ward.
  • New Night Ability Magic Barrier - Protect a player from all negative affects and conversion. Does not prevent kills. Unlimited uses. You will receive a notification if it blocks something.
  • Tornado now limited to 3 uses.
  • Tornado will no longer change the targets of occupy immune players.

Knight & Enforcer:

  • New passive Armored - You will survive the first attacker you block with Sacrifice/Protection.


  • Players no longer know when they’re controlled with Puppet Strings, unless they’re killed because they were controlled.
  • Puppet Strings now allows the Possessor to see whispers to and from the controlled player the next day. Will no longer be able to control the King.
  • New Day Ability Facelift - Change the class your body will appear as when you swap bodies using Possess. 3 uses.


  • You can now attempt to use Link Minds again if it fails.


  • Can no longer get Hunter as a target.


  • Perception now prevents you from attacking Cult or Unseen members.

Bug Fixes:

  • Herbalist’s Defile now properly checks if the player will die of poison/bleeding that night.
  • Fixed Hunter’s Revenge bug.

I like most of it but dislike how you can now meta game by saying “I was called Andy last game and was Mastermind so I’m less likely to be him this game”.

Maybe there are some whiny player saying they don’t like being the same class twice in a row but that really doesn’t matter at all.


decreased chance right? so you can still get it twice , but its just not as likely

So im just wondering whether you have any plans on changing Reaper at some point?
It just seems to me that Possessor is getting buff after buff, while feeling pretty strong already, whereas Reaper is really underwhelming.
Maybe im just a bad Reaper Player but everytime i am playing it, i think id rather have been Possessor, since its superior, and also more fun to play.

Also since i dont want to be just negative: I really appreciate the effort you seem to put into this game, and the small(or pretty major sometimes) changes you constantly make.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your team.

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so possesor can now freely possess anybody and claim inq without BD knowing its possesor :thinking: time to exe all those inq claims :stuck_out_tongue:


Reaper has almost twice the win rate of the Possessor


You can still get it but people will be able to use out of game info to make decisions which shouldn’t be a thing. You can say “that guy was alch last game I bet he’s lying this time” and stuff like that.

There was no problem with people occasionally getting the same role twice in a row. Some people just love to complain.

I don’t think this will be much of an issue. They could all say they’re Andy ;D


I know it’s a tiny issue but I’m not really sure why it was ever needed is all.

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If you spend any time on the steam forums or similar, you’ll see weekly complaints of “I got X 5 games in a row, is the class picker broken”, etc…

And the people complaining are just, and I’ll be as respectful as I can, complete morons. They are the same people who complain about everything.

Probability wise there are so many classes the chance of someone getting the same class twice is very low. It’s not an issue and we shouldn’t pander to the type of people who complain about that sort of thing. Even if it does happen occasionally so what?


I was once unseen 5 times in a row. I lolled.

I agree, the weighting against repeat classes is not needed Imo.

The Cw changes are decent,but the tornado nerfing means it is mostly pointless now.

Sorcerer is now honorary evil faction - barely counted as neutral before,now it really isn’t.



I really would never have expected that. Thanks for clearing that up, although i cant really explain to myself why reaper would be better tbh.
Any theory or explanation from your side to help me undertstand what makes Reaper stronger? Is it the lategame voting aspect? Or just the fact that some people just yolo jump while there is a psyc around?

Off the top of my head (prior to this update), reaper can bypass immunity. Reaper has a fairly effective daytime ability to screw with communication. Posses itself is way too high risk of an ability to use (early game there’s too high of a risk of psychic, late game there’s too high of a risk of whispered/jailed communication that you missed).

I still do think that scorned should have hunter as his/her target since you can not vote first or in my case hope my other target votes the target or someone else votes first and then anarchy other then that I am fine with this change.

Apparently, Possessor’s Driven passive ability have overridden Facelift day ability.

Wait what!?

Possessor seems amazing right now! I’m 50/50 on the CW change. Replacing IW with magic Barrier is fine. My potential problem is with limiting tornado to 3. Maybe it won’t matter but I feel like they should both be unlimited.

Btw if the NK winrates are still too low after this then one thing that would buff all 3 of them would be making reaped players not be able to speak in the dead chat until his body is found. This would make there be more doubt as to if it is a reaper game. It could still be found out but it would not be as easy.

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Yay for CW change, can’t wait to test it and go from here.

Not too sure how much of a buff Possessor needed, but if it wins half as much as Reaper it probably did lol

Knight is now really strong, but I suppose Physician was straight-up better anyways

Yeah all in all pretty great changes as far as I can tell