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1.0.13 Patch Notes


Snowcrest Has Arrived to the Kingdoms!


  • Improvement to game over checks.
  • Added screenshots of the rooms to the class cards. Thanks to the people who were asking others to describe their room. I really like having to waste my time because you don’t want to actually play the game.
  • 3 new armors and 3 new weapons for the holiday season (limited time promos).

Quality of Life

  • An icy touched player’s message will now be the same color as dead chat, but their name will remain blue.


  • Removed the notification players receive when the King sends a guard to them.
  • Added a new King that the Reaper & Possessor become called the Psycho King. They will keep their objective and Guards will become an unlimited killing ability. Can be used on yourself to make you night immune. Cannot spawn at the beginning of the game.


  • Possess now has 3 uses.


  • Now only takes 1 soul to revive.
  • Icy Touch now uses 2 souls to activate and now blocks voting in addition to its previous effects.


  • New passive Perception - You will not attack targets that are death immune or guarded by the knight. You will attack the Inquisitor if they are not being guarded.
  • Mage Armor now also grants immunity to poison and bleeding.
  • Circle of Death is now usable on Night 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Debauchery now properly blocks Emerald Potion.
  • Fixed a bug with Faint Whispers.
  • Fixed a bug with Debauchery not working.
  • Some others.

Favorite Nk role?

Holy metagame wtf

Also can it be “Psychopathic King” please? great change


No, shit is too long


boooooo how can I get a refund


Love these changes! I’m so interested to try them out.

I still think it should be “Crazed King” though. That alliteration :stuck_out_tongue:


I love everything about this.


People were asking for room descriptions? Fuck those guys


What a bunch of fuckin amazing patch notes


Maybe “Mad King” would sound better in context.


Ah yes, finally ending the NK to Neut King “strat”. I absolutely hated that.

Also bless adding room screenshots.


Is the 2 souls thing replacing the 2 use total thing? Can I now use it more than twice? For Icy Touch that is


Papa bless these people, I sense some revenge reviews coming :slight_smile:

Does it become like gather darkness as its infinite in use, but it costs souls to use or…?


Love the changes. No more “I’m the NK, vote me for king” crap. Never had the “describe your room” psychics, I’d tell them to get lost, I’m busy trying to decide my next moves/fix my logs.




How about Mad King then?

Psycho King slightly ruins my immersion, as psychology didn’t exist back in the Middle Ages. :grinning:


Another Sorcerer buff yaaaassss.


If not Psychopathic go Mad


Yeh. I know what you mean. I’m glad they really nailed how accurate magic was back then.


Well medival fantasy has always had it’s variants… and obviously a lot of fiction, but there’s always at least some level of consistancy within those fictions, generally it is based on what was popular legend/story from those times. A knight flying a dragon is far more immersive for a medival fantisy, than a knight driving a delorian.


In the next patch you should think about giving the invoker occupy immunity.