1.0.12 Patch Notes

Quality of Life:

  • Journal is now draggable. You have to click the area’s where you can’t type.
  • Chat is resizable.
  • Other improvements to chat.


  • Trollbox is now usable after winning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed people to send long messages. Was found by Marshal Webb.
  • Fixed an ability order bug with the Mercenary and a few other classes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Ritualist’s Brotherhood.
  • The times a player has been occupied now properly transfers when they change classes.
  • A bug causes rooms not to fill up has been given a temporary fix. The room will be disbanded if this happens.

aw yiss, post winning as scorned trolling op. gonna love using troll box alot to cause havoc


Easily the best change yet. Though they should lose night immunity…

That was a bug? O_o

Apparently some people could send messages longer than the normal limit. Normal limit is 2 lines.

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I just posted in bug section that I just won as scorned and cannot use troll box.

It might be a bug, but … why was that changed? Scorned has no need to prove themselves. Rather, the bad provability allows for Assassins and other expendable people to risk claiming scorned, or it makes Scorned suspect and prince wastes time with Scorned!

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Shouldn’t the Prince already be using his time on the Scorned, as they are actively trying to get BD killed? Unless the Scorned’s targets were converted, it seems typically worth it to execute or jail/execute a Scorned to help protect BD as a whole.

Oh yeah right that’s why I disliked this idea back when it was a suggestion


I kind of liked the Scorned play idea as an assassin.

yeah, I directly hated this idea when it was proposed. and remember pretty much that we need to be taking away inquisitors post victory powers… not giving other roles them. I mean the same logic… the fool also won… if a won scorned can keep using his trollbox, why not a fool (provided he died by execution). These roles are meant to do their damage… then mostly get out of the way, however the threat of them is supposed to at least leave a last resort awful claim (or impliclaim in fools case).

I’d also double down on my reasoning with the fact that trollboxes are RARELY sucesful tools to actually fool people. I don’t know about you but whenever I say anything that would be reasonable to TB someone to say, I follow up with a second “NO TB” message. It is generally a poor tool for fooling people (not saying it never works… just that if you want to succeed with it, you gotta be slow, subtle, and ok with a 25% chance of failure). however it would make a “GREAT TOOL FOR SELF CONFIRMING”. assuming you no longer have a reason to fool the town.


I agree. Take away inquisitors power’s. Also for a won scorned they should lose all immunities.

I’ve seen some weirdness with two line messages getting chopped to one line after I send them, but can’t come up with a repro case and don’t know if it affects actual chat everyone can see or just mine as sender. It’s definitely not always, and may have to do with punctuation at the wrap point. Something to watch out for.