1.0.11 Patch Notes


  • Trials have been limited to two a day, even if the accused is pardoned. (Was upped from 1 a day in 11a)

Quality of Life:

  • The number of players needed to start a trial now appears above the voting panel.
  • Chat is now saved if you disconnect and reconnect while still in-game. If you reconnect from the lobby, the chat won’t be saved.


  • Jailing a player now prevents all visits.


  • Magic Dust now makes all players appear as magic users until the next day.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug where special unicode characters would freeze the game. Was found by Marshal Webb.
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Wow, that trial restriction seems strong. Maybe slightly too strong. Obviously, lots of trials could be abused, but 1? Good day to be a fool.


I would limit it to 2 or 3. 1 seems far to harsh especially with kings and such.


Prince and Sorcerer seem like good changes.

I predict that people will be mad about the sorcerer change but It’s probably fine for now. It will definetly make the inquis more paranoid about his findings

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This will get reverted back within a day or two. You better hope you got the right person. If not they will live to kill for another night.

I’m calling it now. Always exe meta incoming. Pardoning is just like executing now anyways. You lose the day. I love they are trying to fix the accuse for logs meta though.

Yeah,I feel like extend the day 20 seconds, allow 2 trailists per day (Same person can be voted up on trial again)


Nooo Boslof you fool, Observer’s Follow is something else entirely!

Go with 2 or 3, please.

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This is a good solution in my opinion.

If you’re going to strictly limit trials (which I’d argue isn’t necessarily needed for ToL due to conversions but isn’t necessarily bad either), a longer day makes sense.

Sounds good bos man

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Personally I’d say it’s already pretty reasonable, the logical adaptation, don’t vote someone up until you are 90% sure. It’s not like the stand is the only place you can be interogated or redirected…

Really to me an alternate solution may be to raise the time in the day… or possibly grant day time extension as a power to some class… “legnthen day by 10 seconds”

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Yay another Sorcerer buff.

Right, longer day would be good considering trials previously extended it

Looking forward to the incoming “post logs before being voted up” meta, which is what will happen (if you go up with only 1 trial, prepare to be executed)

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It’s true, but it’s the inevitable result from any method to try and limit/stop VFL by limiting the amount of trials no matter what. Honestly I don’t really see how it’s a particularly effective strategy in this game (though would need a newbie free mode to really give a fair judgement on any cookie cutter strategy).

I’d also point out, the one trial, would make (if he were to return in a similar to his old form), the noble/aristocrat, as well as the kings finger, far more powerful abilities, both for good and for bad.

My personal thought on the VFL trend that’s going on (which tbh I never witnessed, but I heard enough people complain about it in recent days I guess it hit suddenly and hard when I didn’t have time to play), is that town of salem’s ranked vets all took off from ToS due to a recent huge bug, and decided to try starting out with what is a near auto win strategy that works in ToS, and assumed it would work here. (to which I’d say it is far less likely to work here, due to about a dozen factors)

Why I don’t think VFC will have a long duration here even if we did nothing about it mechanically

  1. Conversion
  2. No concrete role list
  3. No seperation of new players from vets (which admitted is both the stregnth and weakness of this strategy. new players aren’t going to think to CC the 2nd claim of their class, and may not have logs/good logs as BD… but they are also even more likely to not have a fake log as evil)
  4. Evil king (we all know what happens if the prince hits the stand).


The meta shift is from a huge wave of people who believe winning at all costs is everything… when it doesn’t win… it’s usage will fade pretty quick.

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Let’s not forget the sheeple who fall for the scorns claim of “I checked 5 he was unseen” as he votes 5 lmao.


Yep, my thoughts exactly and the reason I haven’t pushed for a limit to trials here in ToL.

I don’t think it would be an understatement to say that I am responsible for the current three-trial cap on ToS, so clearly I’m a fan of the idea… when needed. Here in ToL things are so much less solvable that limiting the trials even more strictly seems kind of like an overreaction in this instance.

I fully believe this will let up in the future, though, so I have no complaints about trying it out.

I feel like this is the best solution.


The only thing I don’t like about the one trial a day thing (though I do think overall it’s a decent change), is that it turns the endgame into a click race. As an example, pretend there are two unseen, one king, and one BD left in a game. The Unseen will always win the game by spam clicking on someone faster than the king and BD can click on someone.

edit: I love the sorc changes though, since you know inquis will check d1, your sorc pattern becomes

Dust to screw up his investigate
Kill (since he’s going to attack the magic user he finds potentially)
Dust to screw up his investigate
Hey you made it to circle turn! lol

1 trial makes me want to quit the game. This just make the game all about good investigations and nothing about making good logs.

If we had 10 minutes per day so its ok, but 80 second isn’t enough for making it a real thinking game.

Also, when 5 players left, 1 unseen and a evil king, the king can just decide that no execution will happen today. thats just a bad game design.

I don’t see any point of making a limit to trials. not even 10. This is all this game is about.


In case anybody missed the OP being updated, trials are limited to two a day and not one.