1.0.10 Patch Notes


  • Noble has been removed for the time being.

Court Wizard

  • Is now unique, so only 1 can spawn per game.


  • Holy Blessing now only provides one night of immunity.


  • Bear Companion now prevents all attacks as well as killing the attackers.


  • Allies has been reverted, but now all Kings will see the player’s faction.


  • Can only imprison the same player 3 times, and it now counts towards the occupation count.


  • No longer unique.
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Finding royals wasn’t good but allies was still terrible…

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King change?
Well, better implement The Balanced(my suggestion) or the King is too powerful AGAIN, without any counter.
What does the Hunter change change now?
Please implement the following for sorcerer:
Dark Ritual(Day, 1 use): If the target does not visit you tonight they will die. They know this, and that ignores Night Immunity. You cannot attack tonight.

I get the public demand thing… looking on here… massively not liking it. Personally I think if you were to comprimise, what about instead of good king seeing neutrals as neutral, maybe good king see’s Neutrals and BD as “not enemy” Might be a good compromise… still deals with the neuts out problem of the old allies ability (as neutral and evil kings would be disuaded from calling out a neutral as it proves them not a good king), while still allowing the king to find unseen/cult. Yet it gives protection from the king for the “King see’s you you LOSE” roles. Cult/assasain/converted have setbacks if the king finds them of course. But alc, merc, NK etc… it’s just game over.

Also I do have to point out, one minor problem to the CW uniqueness, is like half of cult roles have the tornado imitation to imitate CW right now, yet it’s unclaimable due to being unique.

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King shouldn’t be the court’s detective. The whole game is now “If you don’t find an evil we kill you”

My suggestion for Allies:

Infinite uses, but once you find a member of your own faction, you can’t use it anymore

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so sorcerer is still garbage? well, thats neat. sorcerer needs atleast 1 way to kill inquisitor tbh. its basicly a waiting game to see how long it takes for you to either die to court for being sus or just killed by inquisitor. doesnt help that the amount of magic users also just dropped so random kills are going to be less.

edit: wrong about difference in magic users. didnt see psychic change.

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Worst update NA?

Noble was chill, King was finally good, CW was fine.

The Psychic change is meh and I couldn’t tell you how the Hunter is changed (I thought this already happened).

This would be fair.

I would have expected such an update only on the 1st of April but…

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Not to sound too bitchy, but… please revert, none of this is a justifiable improvement in any way that I can understand.

Psychic is no longer unique, so there is the same amount

didnt see that psychic change. never thought that 2 psychics would happen. mb

More people that can gather info from the dead is pretty bad imo, especially since Psychic is already a bad claim.

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I don’t LIKE the change I am just saying that there is the same amount of magic users.

These changes get made because people don’t stop bitching no matter what they do. The happy players rarely if ever give feedback, while others complain without providing much in the way of alternatives.

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I agree with Weizen here. You guys are acting like spoiled brats, and you need to calm down with the complaining. Try the damned game before making all these early judgements.

I’m sorry but anyone who thinks King having Allies so strong is healthy for the game should not be listened to. Ever.

I played with king who had allies before it is terrible. It is only a small change that fixes something hat was not the main reason hated it

Two psychics in a game. Both link with one another. Psyception.