0.9.16 Patch Notes


  • Added Noble, Paladin and Sheriff room.
  • When converted to the Cult your old room will show up on death. This also applies to being promoted to the Assassin/MM/CL.
  • The game now checks the hosts ping to make sure they aren’t lagging badly.
  • Added a reporting system. At the end of a game players can be reported for violating the rules. Chat logs from the game will be sent to the development team.
  • Along with the reporting system, there is a ban and warning system that will prompt players on login if they have been punished.

User Interface:

  • New item/armor lore
  • Execution previews have been added to the weapon shop.
  • New settings menu. You will likely need to mess with your settings if you’ve been playing on one of the lower ones.
  • Redid all the class summaries on the class cards. Let me know if there are any errors.
  • Added popups for various things like friends coming online or patch release messages.
  • A basic game tutorial that automatically pops up for new players.

General Balance:

  • No more Wildcard class type.


  • Eavesdrop will now reveal the next 4 whispers.

Aristocrat & Noble:

  • Order is now usable on all players.
  • Aristocrat’s Silence replaced with Order.

Court Wizard:

  • Magical Barrier now blocks conversions in addition to negative effects.
  • If you try occupying a player or change their targets when they have Magical Barrier on them, it tell you they are occupy immune. (This was done so Cult members can claim magical barrier’d if the Ritualist uses Brotherhood.)


  • Happy Hour now gets rid of a player’s night and occupy immunities for the night. Still has 2 uses. (Plex’s idea.)

Fool & Scorned:

  • Trollbox has returned. Now has infinite uses.
  • Both are now Social classes.


  • Possessed players will no longer be able to be revived by the Priest.
  • When you possess a player, you will now appear in their class room at night.
  • If Possessor possess the the MM in the first 3 days, the CL, or the Assassin, then they will now be replaced immediately. (This is getting changed because it could heavily hinder the Unseen/Cult. They would have to accuse the Possessor when they figured it out before, so not much will change for the Possessor.)


  • Can now target all dead players with Revive, but can still only revive non-reaped and non-possessed Blue Dragon players. (You will not use up the ability unless you successfully revive the target.)
  • Revived players will be convert immune.

Bug Fixes:

  • Gambling UI is now properly turned off when revived.
  • Fixed the UI textures being downgraded at lower settings.
  • Fixed some classes not marked as visiting their targets.
  • Fixed adding friends list max characters
  • Fixed hover overlay layering bug on end screen friends/report buttons
  • Fixed some sounds that stopped playing on login screen for whatever reason
  • Possible Discord fixes for starting game (Thronebot notifications)
  • Friend requests now show the requester’s name
  • Tons of misc. friend bug fixes
  • Some others.

Not sure how I feel about this one. Seems like a good way to waste your Revive.

Love the rest though. Great patch.

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What exactly does the Revive change do? What’s the point?

Nevermind, Boslof explained it.

That’s cool.

It’s a little op but I like it.

Yes, yes, yes!
Good choices for Fool and Scorned.
I love the changes on Priest. Revive Merc who still has their contract alive.

Okay tbh, I love pretty much everything from this patch. Thanks Devs for making this game so amazing and thanks Mods for helping to keep this community as amazing as it is!

So close now to the official release, I’m so proud to be a member of this community and so thankful to have been able to test / help since the start. It’s a privilege!

Excited to see what to future holds and even more, what the next patch will change / remove / add. :slight_smile:

Wait you can revive the Merc? @PokemonKidRyan

Yes. You can revive any player now.
They become conversion immune when revived too.
Reviving Merc would be a genuine and very clever strat


Backs away
It’s still a great patch!
:expressionless: Sorry… Slight swing and a miss.
However, maybe that’d be a plan for another patch :stuck_out_tongue: Yay for a suggestion

Fail music plays Congrats PKR. You dun goofed!

Niiiice. This is what CW needed.


Makes sense.

Damn. Okay…at least Priest can be converted.

Pretty interesting…I’m curious to see how this will play out.

I’m assuming not any nks?

I mean there aren’t any NK Blue Dragons?

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XD Neutral Killing Blue Dragon. Goes to make a suggestion for that class Kappa

The Possessor changes though


My bad, misread the changes. Thought Priest could revive a Neutral now xp. I figured it out now

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was priest unable to revive all blue dragon before?

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