0.9.14 Patch Notes


  • ToL is now available for 32-bit Windows systems. Linux and Mac will also be available soon
  • Added new male clothes called The Wealthy Merchant.
  • Added new female clothes called Kirtle of the Devout.
  • Added Knight room.
  • Replaced inconsistent store armor art with real 3D screenshots

Queued Messaging:

  • When you add friends @ end screen, you’ll send a request.
  • When entering lobby, if pending friend request, Accept/Decline friend requests
  • (For now, you’ll have to restart the game to see new friends)


  • Guards! now has 4 uses.
  • Starting King now has an ability called Allies with 4 uses.
  • If you are a Good or Evil King you can find out if a player is in the same faction as you.
  • If you are a Neutral King you can discover a player’s faction.
  • The description for the ability should be different for the Neutral King. Let me know if it is not.


  • Will-o-Wisp now has 3 uses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some.

Important to note. Interesting.

This could be very good. I can see neutral kings being very useful for being able to out NK’s and Unseen.

I think the king changes are excellent.
I have always thought king needs to be a bigger part of the game; he is more powerful with allies, but only if he can get people to believe he is good.

Yes! Finally a King buff!

We needed this!