0.9.13 Patch Notes


  • Added a visual effect for when you die or are healed.
  • Sheriff and Paladin are now convertable and no longer unique. This is an experimental change. Depending on how it goes, we may revert it.
  • Sheriff is converted into the Marshal.
  • Paladin is converted into the Seeker.


  • Removed Tar Potion.
  • Added Stoneskin Potion. Make yourself night immune for a day. 3 uses.


  • Day Ability: Expose - Reveal to the Unseen who the Prince jails tonight. 3 uses
  • Night Ability: Listen In - Leave the Unseen to go spy on the Prince. You will be able to hear the Prince and prisoner talk. 3 uses
  • Night Ability: Snoop - Sneak into a player’s room and read their journal. 3 uses


  • Stand Guard will now make the Mercenary night immune in addition to its normal action.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some.
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Interesting change on Sheriff and Paladin…

Now we can’t trust every sheriff claim anymore…

That will be interesting in FoL10


we won’t be doing the sheriff and paladin convert, its expermental

/vote Frostwolf

Yeah? I’d say worth the try too.

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I don’t like the change. How is one meant to call out an evil without getting converted now?

The Sheriff shouldn’t be calling people out, anyway. Sheriffs usually gather as much information as they can until they’re on trial for execution or they die and leave their journal. Unless a Psychic links minds or is jailed by Prince. Out in the open, tho, generally not worth the risk.

Wow, not sure I support the clan investigators losing convert immunity

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im never gona trust an Sheriff or paladin claim

I absolutely don’t like this. It puts even MORE power into the hands of the Prince, in relation to the remaining BD.

I don’t like the changes. Playing Sheriff/Paladin feels so bad right now.

Was hoping Sheriff would become Templar but no, that is impossible with current rules.

I’d love to try this, doubt it will stay tbh but an interesting change for sure

Edit: Holy shit the Marshal is a god amongst men

Like that’s insane

Templar you say?


I remember the templar

Wait there was an actual class called Templar?

ye it was Unseen Paladin

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You know there should be a Unseen and Cult verison of the Sheriff and Paladin in Multiball.

Multiball should be an actual game mode.

And while I am at it.

The Brotherhood should be an official faction.