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Bug Reports

[Bug report] Closing the game causes crash (7)
Last Cult did not become Cult Leader (8)
Scorned class card has two contradictory win conditions (3)
Dead on the Inside, But Not Outside Bug (3)
Possessor Given False Information (6)
BUG WITH HUNTER - Link to steam screenshots - May just need clarification (5)
Empowered Chrono Prevented by Stonewall (1)
[Bug]Did not die after killing someone with knight guard the second time (6)
I thought I loved throne of lies until I saw this (11)
Vortex amulet and vulkan (1)
Flying Death Glitch[BUG} (9)
Very Weird Game (8)
Seeing alive kings logs (9)
So, this kind of happened (7)
Sellsword not preventing Alchemist's Tar Potion (2)
[BUG] Alch being death immune n2 (10)
Fool taking multiple charges (1)
Chronomancer Glitch (3)
Chrono can be killed by sorc bomb (4)
Pink screen instead of game starting (4)
Reconnect Glitch (1)
Knight cs redirect bug? (6)
[BUG] Spam vote/rescind (11)
Imprison Ability is disabled at last 5 seconds of day (9)
Is King Finger Broken? (8)
Duplicate name selection (3)
Order Execution doesn't pass night immunity (2)
[Small Bug] Unseen convert rooms in class cards are wrong (5)
Observer follow incorrect feedback (1)
Chilled and empowered reaped the following night (18)