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Bug Reports

[BUG] Report bugs here in this category for closed Alpha+ (7)

This category (subthread) was renamed to "Bug Reports/Feedback" >> There is also now a bug reporting template: If you are reporting feedback and not a bug, just delete the template. (Pro Tip: CTRL+A >> DEL) It'll hel…

[Class Suggestion] threads go in "Classes/Roles" section - lazy click from here + template! (3)

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Reconnecting to throne of lies (6)
Actions Proccessed Twice Bug, led to 4 Unseen with a pseudo-assassin (1)
Chronomancer Delay Bug (2)
"First Quote" Badge Bug ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Absence of messages when Drunk redirects (1)
Phys Possessed through Self Care (12)
Scorned hung 2 disguised targets but still lost (5)
Bug with inq loading late to game (6)
During night deaths occassionally go white screen (3)
DC/RC showing Poss jump (1)
Knight/Possessor Bug (5)
2.02 Mastermind Frame shows Mastermind? (3)
Trouble on the Log in Front (4)
Reaper can use 2 daily abilities (14)
Issues logging in (2)
Game just crashed really badly! (3)
Offline friends showing, hundreds of times (1)
When the Spookster title came out, I bought it, but nothing happened (3)
ToL does not wanna let me login (3)
[Bug report] Closing the game causes crash (7)
Last Cult did not become Cult Leader (8)
Scorned class card has two contradictory win conditions (3)
Dead on the Inside, But Not Outside Bug (3)
Possessor Given False Information (6)
BUG WITH HUNTER - Link to steam screenshots - May just need clarification (5)
Empowered Chrono Prevented by Stonewall (1)
[Bug]Did not die after killing someone with knight guard the second time (6)
I thought I loved throne of lies until I saw this (11)