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Bug Reports

[BUG] Report bugs here in this category for closed Alpha+ (7)
[Class Suggestion] threads go in "Classes/Roles" section - lazy click from here + template! (3)
Cult spy gets canceled if you use telepathy (3)
Butler Card is Wrong (2)
Noble Maid Spy fails when converted to Aristocrat or Assassin (1)
Merc won when he should have lost (5)
Whispering the Dead (7)
CW abilities not working (4)
Stuck on starting (1)
Game crashing every game, even rejoining (5)
Whisper gone Wrong (1)
Psycho King Class Card Broken (9)
Random convert did not work (8)
Expired/Invalid Steam Ticket (4)
Possessor's Dead Body Appearing as Original Role (1)
Evil King sees MM as Unseen before N4 (20)
Mercenary's Connections can pardon anyone providing their contract is dead (2)
Butler/Possessor Bug in v1.1.1b (4)
List of bugs I have run into in the new 1.1.1 update (19)
No nk in the last game (11)
Paladin is broken atm (1)
Suddenly owning 16990GP (10)
My whole game is broken! (12)
No option to reconnect after crash (5)
Frenzy enforcer ability failed ( 2 3 ) (54)
Psychic can link in jail again? (2)
Really minor typo when only the Sorcerer wins (6)
Conversion delayed for one day (4)
MM changing to assassin when jailed shows kill options (3)
Apostle's day abilities are labeled incorrectly (1)