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Bug Reports

[BUG] Report bugs here in this category for closed Alpha+ (7)
[Class Suggestion] threads go in "Classes/Roles" section - lazy click from here + template! (3)
Inquisitor Night Immunity (4)
Died to Knight when Alch Stoneskined (5)
Redirect Immunity Bug (5)
Invoker's occupation of Merc bug (5)
King pointed finger after he was chilled by Reaper (7)
Wisp problems that came out recently (8)
Will o Wsip bug (4)
Long lines go off the edge of the post-game chat screen (3)
Funny Glitch during Execution (1)
Wisp doesn't show when converted? (5)
Game process is not correctly shut down in window mode (2)
Typo in ToS agreement window (3)
Empower Reap doesn't bypass Knight Sacrifice (6)
Customize execution preview video layers are click through (1)
Scripted Tutorial can not be exited / confirm button to go to menu does not work (1)
Toggle/untoggle radio buttons untoggles/toggles the effect even when canceling (1)
My name got changed from Shrimp to Shrimp2 without my permission (4)
Order Execution probably bugged (2)
No King Vote after King died (1)
Order Execution doesn't pass night immunity (1)
Assassin with royal blood (5)
Snoop still bugged (1)
I was attacked but didn't die (1)
Impossible to obtain Regular status after getting it (18)
Jailed and attacked same night? (3)
3 Paladins in game (2)
Sheriff being occupied without butler in game (4)
Steam patching issues (2)