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Bug Reports

[BUG] Report bugs here in this category for closed Alpha+ (7)
[Class Suggestion] threads go in "Classes/Roles" section - lazy click from here + template! (3)
Game won't start keeps crashing (4)
[BUG] Chilled carried over into MVP discussion time (1)
Fool N1 used both hide (3)
Poss jump into party wastes both charges of jump (2)
Mindwarped wisp still works (4)
Word "town" is replaced by word "BD" in chat ( 2 ) (21)
It is still not possible to copy/paste whispers if using Streamer Mode (4)
[BUG] Scout catches Evil King (4)
[BUG] Free gold bug (4)
Butler Poison King is not working (10)
New Sheriff scout bug (4)
Can't fill unused colored portions of deathnote with Black (2)
[BUG] Occupation + Swap bug (5)
King OE Prevented on Stonewalled Prince (7)
CS on Hunter while Knight being mindwarped (5)
Merc shield work after the merc is dead (1)
Assa -> MM can be redirected (3)
Faced in game problems and now it crashes (19)
Games crashed mid game (1)
[BUG] Repeated use of the fill option on small segments of a deathnote causes a crash (2)
Game crush and i can't come back (6)
[BUG[ Guarding Knight kills guarding Merc (10)
[BUG] Possessor GLOBAL MUTED in chat (1)
[BUG] Party System not working (5)
[BUG] Royal blood (linux) (5)
Cult spy gets canceled if you use telepathy (4)
Bleed and Poison (3)
Occassional Total System Freeze (1)